Face painting kit

Easy face painting ideas (for people who don't think they can face paint!)

Wriggly children aren’t always the best canvases to work on, so the simplest, speediest designs are best. Here are my top 4 tried and tested face paint ideas.
Tissue paper pom poms

How to: tissue paper pom-poms

These fun, frothy pom-poms are so easy to make and are the perfect way to add some extra oomph to your party decorations or equally lovely as an addition to your home decor.
Teddy Bears picnic

How to have a teddy bears picnic

Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic! If you’re looking for a super cute and easy activity to do one weekend, indoors or outdoors, you can’t go wrong with a classic teddy bears picnic.
Sew Your Own Harry The Crocodile

Start the New Year with Rex London’s Winter Sale

For a limited time, shop hundreds of great gifts, kids’ accessories and homeware all for under £10. We gave blogger Georgia Coote £35 to spend in our Winter Sale, and here’s what she chose.
Happy Cloud cases

Rex London Winter Sale: where to start

Our annual Winter Sale has more than 200 items available all for under £10. Take a look at our top picks from each category, from kitchen essentials and party accessories to homeware and more.
Creamy green bean potato salad

Recipe: creamy green bean potato salad

Becca Heyes of Easy Cheesy Vegetarian provides the recipe for a delicious and vegetarian-friendly recipe for creamy green bean potato salad.
Balloon party candles

How to plan a kids' party for less

Planning a kids’ party can be time-consuming, and it’s easy for the costs to rack up. We’ve got lots of ideas to help take the stress out of planning, all whilst being wallet-friendly. 
Summer Meadow bunting

Throw a vintage summer party!

What better way to celebrate the summer than by throwing a traditional garden party? Channel the classic village fêtes of old and recreate that friendly atmosphere in your back garden.