Lunch bags

Insulated lunch bags are designed to keep your food fresh and tasty. These lunch bags hold approximately 3 litres, so there's lots of room for a hearty packed lunch or quick picnic. Thermal linings help keep contents warm or cool, and they fold flat for easy storage. Easy to clean, securely zippered, and made from recycled materials, these lunch bags in gorgeous designs are useful, eco-friendly and stylish.

Insulated lunch bag FAQs

To help you get more from your insulated lunch bags, we've shared answers to some frequently asked questions below:


How to clean a lunch bag

Usually a simple wipe with a damp cloth is enough to clean your lunch bag ready to use again. However, for a more thorough clean:


• Turn bag inside out and shake above bin to get rid of any crumbs.

• Pour warm water into a bowl or sink and add a dash of dish washing liquid.

• Soak a non-abrasive cloth in the warm water and wipe bag surfaces.

• To clean the zip try using an old toothbrush.


Do not put your lunch bag in the washing machine.


How to keep lunch bag contents cool

Any food or drink from the fridge or freezer will stay cool longer if kept in an insulated lunch bag.


To keep contents cooler for longer consider adding ice packs or a cold water bottle from the fridge.


Don't forget to pack your lunch bag carefully, placing heavier items at the bottom and keeping your bag upright.


How to keep lunch bag contents warm

Keep food warm by wrapping in tin foil or placing in an insulated container.


Adding a flask filled with a hot beverage or soup will also help.


Alternatives to lunch bags

Need something smaller? Our handy snack bags are ideal for those quick trips to the park. For something more substantial, grab one of our lunch boxes for adults and kids.

We hope these lunch bag questions and answers have been helpful.