Face painting kit

Easy face painting ideas (for people who don't think they can face paint!)

Wriggly children aren’t always the best canvases to work on, so the simplest, speediest designs are best. Here are my top 4 tried and tested face paint ideas.
Healthy snack ideas for kids

Healthy snack ideas for kids [3 recipes]

What could be more fun than brightening up the lunch box routine with these cute and colourful reusable snack bags!
organising your fridge

Top tips for organising your fridge

Our handy tips for organising your fridge, including ideas for clever storage and the recommended placement order for food items.
Packing for days out

What to pack for family days out [free checklist]

If you’ve ever planned a fabulous day out, but then spent the morning frantically throwing everything you think might possibly need into a bag, this post is for you. Includes free checklist!
Tissue paper pom poms

How to: tissue paper pom-poms

These fun, frothy pom-poms are so easy to make and are the perfect way to add some extra oomph to your party decorations or equally lovely as an addition to your home decor.
Sydney the Sloth jumbo bag

How to organise your home with a jumbo bag

Made from recycled plastics, our iconic jumbo storage bags are extremely durable and lightweight, and have multiple uses around the home. Here are some of our top tips for where to use them.
Storage tins for desk organisation

8 simple ways to organise your desk space

There’s no doubt that a clutter-free work environment helps clarify and focus the mind, improves productivity, and it looks great too! Here are some simple tips to help you organise your desk space. 
Ponytail with leopard hair band

Kids' hair hacks you need to know

Kids' hair hacks you need to know, from Disney-inspired hair styles to DIY hair clips.