Jubilee party ideas

20th May 2022 Share:FacebookTwitterShare
Red, white and blue flowers in a little jars

To celebrate Her Majesty’s 70 years of amazing service, here are a few little makes and special touches to add to your jubilee celebrations. These are all super quick and simple, so are perfect for street parties, family gatherings or your own mini celebrations at home. To keep with the royal feel I’ve gone with a red, white and blue theme to make things really festive.

Mini jubilee posies

Making red white and blue posies

These pretty little posies make any party table look extra lovely and are a really mindful thing to make. I bought some red tulips and then added garden  flowers to the mix. It’s surprising how well the theme can be incorporated here. I used cow parsley and white tulips for the white element, and then forget me nots and muscari for the blue. 

Red, white and blue flowers in little glass jars

You could also use red roses, blue borage flowers and white stocks. Mini milk bottles, jam jars and egg cups like this fun Grenadier Guards egg cup are perfect for these little bunches. They also make a lovely little gift which guests or neighbours can take home with them.

Strawberry shortcakes

Strawberry shortcakes

These were born out of having last-minute guests one day and not having any cake in the house (always a catastrophe!). You could make your own shortbread, but if you don’t have time simply use shop-bought shortbread biscuits and spoon or spread on a dollop of clotted cream and top with a strawberry half. You could also use raspberries and blueberries for a perfectly regal treat.

Strawberry shortcakes

Vintage Apple greaseproof paper, £3.95

Cobalt sunburst side plate, £8.95

Cherryade float

Cherry float recipe

Astrid Flower drinking glass. Was £4.95, now £1.95

A nostalgic ice-cream float with a jubilee twist! Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the bottom of your glass and top with cherryade. For extra indulgence add a whip of squirty cream and a cocktail cherry.

Cherryade floats in patterned drinking glasses

A spotty union flag 

Union flag in a 3-tier cake with strawberries

This is a really fun activity for kids to do prior to the party. Draw a simple union flag template, get some red and blue paint and cotton buds, and then get dotty! Dipping the cotton bud into the paint and printing with it creates a gorgeous textured circle which you can colour coordinate with the union flag. Once dry, tape the flag to a skewer to make a flag for waving, or to pop in the centre of a cake. You could also tape multiple flags to some twine to make some pretty spotty bunting.

A hand painting a union flag

Guest blog by Georgia Coote