Top tips for organising your fridge


Even though we use the fridge everyday, it remains one of those areas of the kitchen that's notoriously neglected when it comes to cleaning and organising. But seeing that it’s spring cleaning season and we’re all housebound, maybe you’ve given fridge organisation more than a passing thought. So here are some tips to help you get started. 

Go on a tossing spree

Before you can go to town on wiping down shelves and sanitising your fridge, take a good long look at every single item and decide which ones to throw out. Check condiments, dressings and cheeses – all of it. Even if unopened, you’ll want to bin anything that’s been sitting in there for more than its recommended shelf life. 

A game of ‘does this belong’?

Lots of people make the mistake of putting all their produce in the refrigerator. Garlic, for example, can go mouldy if stored in the fridge. It’s best kept in a cool and dry area inside a garlic saver.



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Tomatoes are also best stored at room temperature, while keeping lemons in the fridge will help keep them from drying out. Take stock of what you have and refer to a list of which produce you should or shouldn’t refrigerate if you need to. 

Set the order of business

Once you’ve figured out what doesn’t belong in the fridge, it’s much easier to start figuring out where items should be placed – based on the temperature they need and how often you need to take them out.



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Top shelves are warmer so they should be for leftovers, drinks and any ready-to-eat food. The lower shelves are cooler and so should be reserved for raw meat, fish and poultry. You’ll also want to try separating your fruits and veggies in different containers. Some fruits emit high levels of a ripening agent called ethylene that can make your vegetable spoil faster.

Get creative with storage

Clear glass jars are super easy for storing soup, beans or cut-up veggies because you can see what’s inside right away. No labelling necessary!



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Now that most kids are homeschooling, it’s smart to portion out their snacks in snack boxes or mini pots so they can easily grab a bite to eat from the fridge throughout the day. 



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If you’ve got extra wicker baskets lying around, use them as a stylish alternative to storing fruits and veggies in plastic bags. Try out a variety of sizes for different items like cheeses, snacks and jars.

Bonus tips & tricks

  • Keep your leafy greens crisp for longer by wrapping them in a tea towel
  • Compile food that’s about to expire in a ‘eat me first’ box or basket and put it somewhere accessible
  • Don’t forget to replace your deodoriser – it’s recommended to switch it out after three months, but do it sooner if you feel like the fridge is smelling funkier than usual 
  • Use a mini Lazy Susan for easy access to items in the back of the fridge 


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