Hassle-free packing tips

30th May 2014suzy Share:FacebookTwitterShare

So you have a trip planned and the only thing standing between you and some serious R&R is your suitcase. Trying to fit everything you need for a holiday into one tiny case is enough to drive anyone to despair, but don’t worry: with a bit of forward planning and our hassle-free packing tips, you’ll soon be suitcase savvy.


Pack outfits

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When it comes to packing clothes, always think about outfits. Make sure every item you pack works with at least two other pieces in your bag, and don’t take endless pairs of shoes because they take up too much room.

Instead, wear your favourite comfies for travelling and pack one pair of flats and one pair of heels, wrapped in plastic bags to keep neighbouring clothes clean.


Use space efficiently

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Overpacking always results in creased clothes, so don’t let it get to the sitting-on-your-case stage. You can fold or roll your clothes and remember to pack them in roughly the order you'll need them (pyjamas on top!).

Pack travel-sized toiletries in a wash bag to avoid spillage (you shouldn't need big bottles, even for a long holiday) and consider buying sun cream and after-sun lotion when you get to your destination, to save on weight and space.


Sort your cabin bag

Make sure your cabin bag is the right size and weight for your airline, and be sure to put your valuables and important documents in your hand luggage: passports, tickets, currency, credit cards, accommodation and hire car information. If you're taking any liquids, sprays or pastes into the cabin, make sure they're in containers of 100ml or less, and put them near the top of your luggage so you can get them out easily for inspection.

Of course, you’ll need something to entertain yourself with on the plane: if you’re a bookworm, it’s worth investing in an e-reader as it will save you plenty of space. Magazines, newspapers and MP3 players are also a must.


Do a final check

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It’s a great idea to make a checklist of what you need, and tick off each item as you pack. To get you started, we’ve come up with a list of the basic essentials for a seven day beach holiday.

Passport                                                 Underwear
Insurance documents                      1 sarong/kaftan
Accommodation information       4 vest tops
Credit card                                            2 pairs shorts
Foreign currency                               2 dresses
Mobile phone and charger             2 evening tops
Camera and charger                          1 pair trousers
MP3 player and charger                  2 skirts
2 swimsuits                                           1 pair flats
Toiletries                                               1 pair heels

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