Vintage games for kids


Old fashioned games are making a comeback. They entertain the kids while bringing back childhood memories for the *cough* older generation. Here are our current top ten favourite traditional games - after all, we love all things retro! Even better, none of these need batteries or a plug, and lots of them are plastic-free.

Flick it

This highly addictive game is great for all the family. The colourful board is a brilliant throwback to the past. Test your skill and feel overjoyed when that coloured disc lands in the pot.  

Traditional tiddly winks game

Traditional tiddly winks game, £5.95

Going dotty

Dominos is a simple game but highly competitive. It's brilliant for helping kids to learn about numbers. While for the adults it can be a great post dinner party game.

Traditional box of dominoes

Wooden box of dominoes, £3.95

Playground fun

Who remembers this playground classic? This french skipping set includes an elastic skipping rope, plus a book of classic french skipping songs!

Traditional french skipping set

French skipping set, £3.95

Test your nerve

The steadiest hand (and lots of patience!) wins in this retro game of pick up sticks. This fun family game comes in a classic wooden box, and guarantees hours of fun.

Wooden pick up sticks game

Wooden pick up sticks game, £3.95

Pull along fun

We all remember pulling along a favourite wooden toy as we mastered the art of running around. Pass this tradition down the generations with this beautiful wooden pull toy, in a classic circus horse design.

Charlie the Circus Horse wooden pull toy

Charlie the Circus Horse wooden pull toy, £9.95

Right up our alley

Keep the kids entertained (and let's be honest, the adults too) at your next garden party or barbeque with this fun fair game. Throw the beanbags at the tower of retro tins to try and knock them all down.

"Great garden game, it was enjoyed immediately it came out of the box, love the 'retro' styling, this one is going to be a family favourite for a long time....." - Marymitchell301, website review

Tin can alley game

Tin can alley game, £19.95

Create a buzz

This classic little toy is an ideal party bag or stocking filler. Kazoos are super easy to play, making them ideal for kids. Simply hum rather than blow, and create a fun buzzing sound!

Traditional kazoo

Kazoo, £1.95

Let's go fishing

If you don't fancy taking the kids to the water's edge just yet, get them into the fishing spirit with this fun magentic game. The game features 10 illustrated fish, and is great for improving hand eye coordination.

Magnetic let's go fishing game

Magnetic let's go fishing game, £9.95

Time for tea

Nothing says retro like some classic biscuits - party rings, jam rings and, of course, a custard cream. Sadly, you can't nibble on these wooden treats, as delicious as they look. This traditional wooden set of tea party biscuits are numbered on the reverse, for learning numbers the fun and sweet way.

Traditional tea party biscuits game

Traditional tea party biscuits game, £9.95

Catch me if you can

Head to the park or beach with this retro classic packed in your bag. The rackets are double sided -play a traditional game and build up a rally, or, if your rally skills are a bit lacking, use the velcro side of the bat to play a game of catch ball.

Tennis catch ball

Tennis catch ball, £9.95

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