What mum really wants (and doesn’t want) for Mother’s Day


Teenage daughter hugging mum from behind
Mums prefer something thoughtful
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36% of mums would be happiest to receive a hug this Mother’s Day. That’s one of the findings of the Rex London Mother’s Day Survey 2017.

In our survey, we asked you to rank a selection of gifts to receive on Mother’s Day, and the result was heartwarming. When it comes to Mother’s Day presents, it really is the thought that counts!

What mums really want for Mother’s Day

Daughter holding surprise gift behind her back for mum
Hugs and hand picked gifts
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Like all the best things in life hugs are free, but why not go one step further and give your mum a small gift too? Our survey revealed that nearly a third of mums prefer receiving a ‘personally chosen thoughtful gift’ over the likes of ‘chocolates’ and ‘flowers’, so before you head to the shops, take time to think about what your mum would really like.

Once you’ve picked your pressie, don’t forget the card to go with it. Shop bought or homemade, over 15% of mums said their favourite gift is a Mother’s Day card.

However you choose to spoil your mum, make sure you arrange to spend Mother’s Day with her. Nearly 10% of you said that you’d just like ‘lots of attention’ on your special day.

Bar chart graph showing survey results
Put some thought into your gift
Source: Rex London Mother’s Day survey 2017

Gifts to avoid

Mother looking fed up
It’s the thought that counts... right?
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When it comes to presents from younger children, it pays to appreciate the thought behind the gift! One mum told us she received, ‘a fish paste sandwich (lovingly made by my 5 year old).’

Another mum unwrapped a pressie from her toddler to reveal ‘a potato and a carrot.’

But the most bizarre gift came from a 12 year old boy who bought his mum a box of tampons: ‘Yep...he thought they were something I bought often because I like them!’

Then there are the ‘useful’ gifts. 15 of you told us that your worst Mother’s Day gift was ‘an iron,’ while other disappointing pressies included hoovers and oven gloves.

One of you even received ‘a bucket and sponge’ to clean your car! And we feel very sorry for the poor mum who unwrapped her parcel to discover….a sellotape dispenser!

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