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How to host a ‘home hen party’

Unique, fun, and perfectly tailored to suit your bride’s every wish, a home hen party is the ultimate send off. 

DIY your way to a chic wedding

Your wedding day is fast approaching and decisions need to be made about the decorations. Worried? Don’t be. We’ve got you covered.
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Craft your own wedding!

Counting down to your wedding day? Give your special day a ‘crafty’ wow factor by making your own decorations.

15 wonderful wedding blogs

Where to start with planning a wedding? Expert advice is just a click away thanks to these 15 incredible wedding bloggers.

How to style a 1920s wedding

1920s style is pretty, fun and very in right now, so if you're a big Roaring Twenties fan why not use it as the theme at your wedding?

How to write a wonderful wedding speech

From best men to bridesmaids to fathers of the bride, loads of people take on the nervewracking task of writing and delivering a wedding speech.

Finding the perfect wedding gift

Wedding gifts are designed to be a way of congratulating a newly wedded couple on starting their new life together, but more often than not these gifts come straight from a chosen list.

How to pull off your dream destination wedding

Have you been dreaming of tying the knot abroad, but don't know where to start with all that planning? Here are some useful tips to help you pull off your destination wedding without a hitch!

Wedding bunting: decorations for your big day

Most brides dream of a beautifully decorated venue and bunting can add style and personality to your big day without costing the earth.

Gift buying for weddings

Buying wedding gifts can be tricky. How much do you spend? What can you do on a tight budget? What if they haven’t made a gift list? If you have a wedding on the horizon, don’t worry!

Find your dream wedding dress

Buying the dress: it’s probably the most fun part of planning a wedding. But where do you start? The amount of variety can get a little overwhelming, so check out this handy guide to finding your perfect dress!

Weird, wild and wacky wedding photos!

Want a wedding album like no other? Then it’s time to embrace the weird, the wild and the wacky and get inspired with these crazy shots!