Storage bags, boxes and other useful ideas


As humans we accumulate a lot of stuff. Some things we use on a daily basis, some less often, but then there are those items you seem to never use, yet simply can't live witouth. It's frustrating but here at Dotcomgiftshop we like to take the stress out of storage with great products and the following top tips.

Clothes and shoes

Pictured: Recycled Vintage Ivy Jumbo Storsge Bag - £4.95

How hard is it to throw away that favourite top or reliable pair of trainers? Tough decision, of which the only solution seems to be keeping them at the back of the wardrobe, forgotten about. Quite often than not this is the case for a lot of us, but if you cannot bare to give them up or throw them away, storing them in a secure bag is the next best option. A large storage bag with a zip will keep the moths and dust out, and is also compact enough to fit neatly into a wardrobe that can be accessed at any time.

Bottles and plastic

Image source: jonnysek

The world has gone recycling mad, plastic, paper and glass are all things that we shouldn't be throwing into the normal everyday bin. Recycle collections happen at least once a week, so what happens to all the bottles that build up in the time before the next collection? Chances are they stay in the house or outside where they could potentially get broken or trodden on. Putting them into a storgage bag, ideally one that has special bottle sized compartments, and placing them next to the recycling bin is the most efficient way to go about it.

Odds and ends

Pictured: Red Metal Box Top Secret - £19.95

If you have children chances are they're going to have a fair few toys, and over time these toys get played with a lot. So as you're wondering around the house you may come across odds and ends, pieces missing from various toys. These are the most annoying to find a home for, if they get put into a draw, when you come to realise what it was chances are you can't remember where you put it. So get your hands on a tin, or box of some description and put them all in there, you'll always know where they are as its the first place you'll look.

Food for thought

Pictured: Small Ceramic Jar with Blue Lid - £4.95

It's not just clothes and loose ends that need a place to be stored, food is also an item that we find increasingly difficult to throw away, particularly if its of the dried variety. Pasta, rice and other non perishables seem to clutter up draws and cupboards all the time. Even though some food comes with resealeable packages, chances are the bag will split open, so jars are the perfect option.

Shopping bags

Pictured: Recycled Rusty the Fox Shopper Bag - £2.95

When you hit the supermarket it's more than likely you've got your shopping bags with you already, seeing as most places charge to use their bags when you get to the checkout. If your shopping bag is a little tired looking and has seen better days then turn it into a storage bag and make some practical use from it. These type of bags are ideal for garden waste, grass clippings or leaves, they can be easily filled and stored in a neat corner of the garden until you're ready to dispose of them.

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