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Going Mother's Day shopping? Thanks to our recent survey, we've discovered what mums really want! We asked you for the best and worst Mother's Day gifts you've ever received, and you told us about perfect presents and absolute howlers. Here are our favourites!
Mother's Day is just around the corner, and we ran a giveaway to celebrate. The lucky winner of the £100 dotcomgiftshop voucher was Claire, and she's here to let us know what she likes most about dotcomgiftshop!
Fancy winning £100 to spend on dotcomgiftshop treats? Fill in our Mother’s Day Survey and be in with a chance to win big.
A unique gift shows thought and originality. Finding the right one can be hard sometimes. Here we highlight a few unique gifts for the family.
The bedroom can often be one of the most neglected rooms in the house, but it should be your own personal santuary. If you haven't got the time or budget to completely redecorate, a few well chosen accessories can freshen things up.
Whether you're storing delicious cakes or just random odds and ends, a vintage tin can be a practical and stylish idea. Here are some useful ideas and some fab vintage tins.
Shabby chic style is an immensely popular interior trend, so if you're in the market for a fab and fashionable housewarming gift here are a few inspirational ideas.
Plastics and metals are a sensible choice for kitchen storage, but neither have the elegance or beauty of glass. Here are a selection of good excuses to introduce fab vintage glass into your kitchen.
With the weather continuing in such a rich vien of form, most people will be heading outside for a BBQ and spending an afternoon or evening relaxing with friends and family over good food and drink. Here Dotcomgiftshop we cast some advice on planning and creating your perfect... Read more
No matter what the special occassion is the heart is the universal sign for love and well being, when it comes to decorations there are many different styles to choose from all of which can fit each occassion in its own special way. Here at Dotcomgiftshop we highlight the top... Read more
Here at Dotcomgiftshop we love baking, the smell of freshly risen sponge or pastry gets our taste buds tingling. It's something that everyone can do from adults looking to impress friends or children having fun making cup cakes, here we highlight a few tips and tricks.
Everyone loves an afternoon tea, it's been part of the British aristocracy for years, giving a sense of elegancy to those of us who enjoy a simple cup of tea and piece of cake, here's our top tips for producing the perfect afternoon tea.
For those men out there, choosing that perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend or mum can be difficult. Some men will leave it till the last minute, causing panic in trying to find a unique one of a kind gift. At Dotcomgiftshop we'd like to think we can help, with our great... Read more
You don't have to spend a huge amount to treat your mum on Mother's Day. Here are ten brilliant gifts for under £10, so you can indulge mum without breaking the bank!
Everyone knows all the best Mother's Day cards are handmade and there are all sorts of great ways to make your card unique and thoughtful. So if you (or your kids) need some card-making inspiration this year, look no further!
Nothing says Mother's Day like breakfast in bed, but how do you make the perfect spread? Here are some tips and tricks so that you can make that Mother's Day breakfast extra special!
Everyone loves a good bit of motherly advice and, now that it's nearly Mother's Day, here's some of the best advice given to celebrities by their (very wise) mothers!
As the founder of design-led children’s interiors blog, Bobby Rabbit, and with a wonderful little 2 year old of my own, it’s not very often that I get the opportunity to write about beautiful things for grown-ups. But that's exactly what Dotcomgiftshop have asked me to do,... Read more
Have you ever wondered when the tradition of Mother’s Day began and why? Are you keen on freakish and fun mother-related facts? If so, read on. If not, read on anyway, as there's lot to learn.
Want to really wow your mum on Mother’s Day? Want to show her what a clever boy or girl you’ve grown into? Then impress her with our five fantastic mother-related facts…
To celebrate Mother's Day, we thought it would be fun to celebrate some of the most famous and, well, infamous mothers from the silver screen. So in the first part of our film festival, we take a look at some of the worst fictional mums from some of our favourite movies.
Some folks baulk at the perceived commercialisation of Mother’s Day and prefer to pay tribute to their mums with a simple card. So if you’re stuck for ideas as to what to write in your card, you can take inspiration from these famous mother-related quotes – or simply plagiarise... Read more
The second part of our Mother's Day film festival is all about celebrating some of the best movie mums to have graced the silver screen. From the kind and generous to the delightfully eccentric, these marvelous mothers went above and beyond for their children.
Being a mother is challenging enough in itself, so spare a thought this Mother's Day for the following super mums, who through history have had to cope with a variety of unusual circumstances.
What gift does Mum want for Mother's Day? Check out the results from the 2011 dotcomgiftshop Mother's Day gifts survey.
Mr. T leaves tells it like it is. And if you want to treat her right this year, look no further than our fantastic selection of Mother's day gifts.
I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural CyberMummy conference in London over the weekend, which is a conference set up for Mummy (and Daddy Bloggers) in the UK. There were 200 attendees, so this isn’t an exhaustive list, but will give you an introduction to some wonderful... Read more
According to a dotcomgiftshop survey of over 200 mothers, the one thing above all others that mums want on Mother’s Day is a loving hug.
You know your mum deserves the very best but have you ever wondered what Mother’s Day gifts you could buy her if money was no object? Well, wonder no more. If you have literally hundreds of thousands of pounds in spare cash burning a hole in your pocket and are looking for... Read more
With Mother's Day now less a month away (14th March), we thought we'd take a look at some of the best Mothering blogs on the web. Kind of like a tribute to mom's everywhere and the excellent work they do!