Gifts and accessories for cyclists


Millions of people today enjoy the past time of riding a bike, whether they are commuting to work or just out for pleasure, its a great way to keep fit without really trying too hard, so here are some tips for choosing the perfect bike and accessories.

Road or off road

Image source: inigocia

Firstly assess what kind of terrain you'd like the bike for, are you going to stick to the tarmac or go off the beaten track a bit? If the latter is your option then a mountain bike is going to be the ideal choice, with a good selection of gears to help get over tough ground. If you want to keep to flat (most of the time) roads, then a racing bike might be more your speed.

Safety first

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These days being a rider out on the road is dangerous, even trips along secluded paths and pavements are not without their pitfalls, so it's important to make sure you have the right helmet. It's not always advisable to go budget here, if you need to pay a little bit more for safety then so be it. Just make sure that when it's fitted it's secure and doesn't move around too much, if so, then you should easily be able to adjust the straps until comfortable.

Tyre repair

Pictured: Bicycle Puncture Repair Kit - £4.95

Ever had that sinking feeling, quilte literally, miles from home and you look down to see a flat tyre. These days if you're not properly equipt you'll find yourself in trouble, so the handy puncture repair kit is a cyclists' ideal companion. Small enough to fit in your pocket this trendy retro tin contains everything for that emergency pit stop.

Lunch time

Pictured: Lunch Box Bicycle Rider's Luncheon - £4.95

If you are planning on taking a trip out on the bike, and the weather is good, chances are you may stop for a picnic. It's a nice leisurely way grab a breather for a few minutes and take in the scenery. If you want to avoid squashed sandwhiches wrapped in tin foil at the bottom of your bag, then a small compact lunch box is ideal.

Bags of style

Pictured: Airline Bag Vintage World Champion - £9.95


Bike enthusiasts are always looking for the next quirky peice of kit, and it's hard to be different sometimes. So when it comes to bags most people will go for a good old fashioned rucksack, just for ease. Of course if you want to be a bit more stylish then single strap bags are just as easy to ride with and they look very cool.

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