5 famous fictional fathers

With Fathers Day just around the corner (June 19th), we thought it would be the perfect time to take a lighthearted look at some of the most famous fictional fathers. Here are 5 of our favourites.

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Father Time

A decrepit looking old man carrying a clock or an hourglass (and sometimes a scythe) known as Father Time is often used to represent the fact that time only moves in one direction - forward.

His image is said to be a mixture of the Grim Reaper and Chronos, the Greek God of Time. On New Year's Eve, Father Time is often depicted handing over the duties of time to a baby, representing a new beginning.


Father Christmas

If you lived a particularly sheltered childhood, I advise you to stop reading here. Father Christmas isn't real. He is in fact a character who has evolved over time into the jolly old bearded man we know and love today.

Santa Claus, as he's also known, finds his roots in the early 17th century, when he was created by Christians as the personification of the old Christmas feast, to act as a symbol for the joy and merriment of the celebration.

All the magical stuff about sliding down the chimney, leaving presents under the trees and being pulled along in a sleigh by flying reindeer have been gradually woven into the image of Father Christmas over hundreds of years.


The Godfather

Marlon Brando's portrayel of Don Vito Corleone as the title character in Francis Ford Coppola's epic trilogy, The Godfather, is regarded as one of the iconic performances in cinema history.

Corleone was dreamt up by Mario Puzo, who penned the novel (also called The Godfather) on which the films are based and is the head of  the most powerful Mafia family in New York.

What makes him such an interesting character is that despite the many acts of violence he carries out, he adheres to his own personal code of honor from which he never strays.


Father of the bride

A more lighthearted film father is depicted by Steve Martin in the hit 1991 comedy Father of the bride.

The story follows George Banks (Martin) as he struggles to come to terms with the idea of his only daughter getting married, growing up and having a life of her own that doesn't center around him.

What many people don't know is that the film was actually a remake of the 1950 original starring Spencer Tracy in the title role. This version of the film received four Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and a Best Leading Actor nod for Tracy.


Father Ted 

Although it only ran for three series, Father Ted is already firmly established as one of the great British comedies of modern times.

It follows the fortunes of three priests (the title character Ted, the dimwitted Dougal and the angry old alcoholic Jack) exiled to a fictional place called Craggy Island who live together with an eccentric housekeeper called Mrs. Doyle.

The show received mutliple awards including two BAFTAs for Best Comedy (1995 and 1998) before Dermot Morgan, the actor who played Father Ted, died suddenly of a heart attack the day after he completed filming the third, and ultimately final, series. 

We hope you've enjoyed this collection of facts about our five favourite fictional fathers. 


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