20 fabulous family blogs

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No matter how much they might drive you mad, there's nothing quite like family. That's why we've collected together some of our favourite family blogs to give you some great ideas for spending quality time with your loved ones. Enjoy!


A Place of My Own

A Place of My Own is Kelly’s internet haven where she has charted her life for the past nine years, from the adventures of singledom to marriage and children. 

Here you’ll find all sorts of little treasures, including a spoon with a split personality and a rundown of the superpowers you develop as a mum (I think we could all do with a touch of super organisation!). A mixture of funny and moving family tales - definitely one to bookmark.

We really love the picture postcards of the family's trip to Rutland Water. There are boat trips, train rides and a gorgeous woodland house - the perfect place to hide from a sudden thunderstorm!






Bradshaw & Sons

Emma is a snap-happy blogger who likes nothing more than getting out and about with her three sons and capturing their escapades in beautiful photographs. 

She’s doing all she can to give her kids a fun, creative childhood in the great outdoors, so why not join her? Just grab a cuppa and immerse yourself in wildlife, nature and a rather gorgeous treehouse ... complete with stained-glass window! 

We really love Emma's description of her favourite road. You might think a road is just a road, but when it's a winding Cornish coastal path, complete with ruined tin mines, ocean swimming pools and plenty of cows, it's easy to see why it's at the top of her list.






Carried Family

This devoted family blogger just wants to live wholeheartedly and parent unconditionally, and she seems to be doing a good job! 

You’ll usually find this family up to some sort of mischief, erecting tents in the back garden, making their own bath bombs or trying to capture clouds in a jar. Colourful, creative and never boring, Carried Family is jam-packed with great tips for family fun!

We really love the family's seven days of fun. They went from being ballerinas to wizards, scientists to gymnasts in just one week, thanks to a few handy costumes and a brilliant cut-out skeleton. Why not take some inspiration from them and plan your own exciting week?






English Mum

Need a recipe for a family meal? Looking for advice about flying with kids? The English Mum has two teenage boys; she’s seen it all and is here to help! 

This blogger is an invaluable authority on family-friendly travel, so wherever you’re going you’ll find some fantastic advice here. Or, if you’d rather stay at home, she’ll show you how to cook your way around the world without leaving your kitchen. We’ll start with the Jamaican buttermilk jerk chicken, please!

We really love her huge collection of recipes. There's everything from really simple spicy garlic prawn tapas to the slightly more complicated breakfast of champions (everything you'd want out of a full English and more!). If you're stuck in a bit of a food rut, get over to this blog sharpish.






Housewife Confidential

Housewife Confidential is part family diary, part cookbook, and it’s all written by experienced blogger and photography-lover Kat. She’s equally happy enjoying the sunshine at the beach or whipping up some delicious strawberry rhubarb crumble, served with a dollop of ice cream. Lovely! 

Here you’ll find her pondering life’s bigger questions or simply indulging in the everyday joys of family life - a truly inspiring read.

We really love her amazing post about failure. She asks, if you couldn't fail, what would you do? This question was enough to push Kat to put her teaching plans into action and there's a lot to be learned from her experiences, so get over to Housewife Confidential for some real wisdom.






Knitty Mummy

It won’t surprise you that the brains behind Knitty Mummy is a keen crafter, but it’s not just about knitting. She also tries her hand at sewing, baking and even upcycling vintage goodies! 

You can give it a go too: if you’ve got an old pair of wellies lying around, follow her simple guide and transform them into funky Easter baskets. Visit this boredom-busting blog and you’ll never be short of things to make and do. Guaranteed.

We really love reading about their day out in the woods, where the children went hunting for leaves and mini beasts. They even made a den in the forest (for aliens) out of twigs, and with plenty of moss for sleeping on. Cosy!







Named after the shed on her allotment plot, Littlegreenshed is Lou’s place to write about nature, motherhood and the simple joys of a cup of tea. 

Recently, she took her children to Camp Bestival where they had a go at making pottery and whizzing down helter skelters - it’s all part of her mission to give her kids the same free childhood that she had. This is a beautiful, nostalgic blog that you just have to read.

We really love finding out how to make her clever paper garlands. Who knew some coloured paper circles and some string could look so lovely? Just hang them up in your garden for simple garden party decorations.






Melksham Mum

Melksham Mum loves the three Cs: children, crafts and cake! Of course children come first, but the swirly, Mini Egg-loaded chocolate bark is definitely a close second. 

There’s a little bit of magic on this blog, where old baked bean cans become quirky vases and finding fairies in the forest is easy. So be sure to stop by for your regular dose of family fun!

We really love their camping trip to Glastonbury. It doesn't get much better than a tent covered with bunting, late night snacks by candlelight and a trip up the tor. You don't need to splash out for a great family holiday - after all, it's the company that really counts.






Mummy Do That!

From Germany to Ireland to Scotland, this intrepid blogger has lived in plenty of interesting places, but now she has her home in Glasgow with her two little ones. 

As well as working for the big issues she is passionate about - check out her Hat in Time campaign, which raises money for child mortality charities - she likes to pass her time making jam and crocheting pretty decorations for her children’s castle den. Don’t we all wish we had one?

We really love reading about the Scottish summer. Nope, it's not cold and wet - the sea can be surprisingly warm and there are plenty of opportunities for building sandcastles and messing about in rockpools. Perfect!






Mummy Glitzer

Get a little glitz in your life with supermum and domestic genius Mummy Glitzer. This is a blog with real heart, as one brave mummy and daddy deal with disabilities and depression to bring up their son the best way they can. 

As well as desperately trying to wean the little lad off Peppa Pig, the family has just moved house, so check out handy posts about turning your bedroom into a calm retreat and your child’s room into a multi-functional playroom! The optimism here is infectious; laugh, cry, but you won’t want to stop reading.

We really love the story behind Mummy Glitzer's favourite sunset. It was taken on holiday in Devon, when staying in a small village without phone reception gave them all a chance to relax and get away from it all. They'll definitely be going back!





Mummy's Knee

The saying is true, you learn a lot at Mummy’s Knee, and this is certainly the place to go if you’re after ideas for family-friendly food and entertainment. 

This mummy loves creating her own recipes, and she challenges herself to use just five ingredients so they’re always simple: perfect for busy families and fussy eaters. And after a good meal, what better way to spend an afternoon than pony-trekking with the kids?

We really love finding out about all her ideas for cooking with baked potatoes. They're not just something to serve up with cheese and tuna - you can stick them on the barbecue or even spice up a casserole. Better put the oven on!






Northern Mum

Stuck in the South she may be, but Northern Mum certainly has a sense of humour about it! There’s no denying that having three children is hard at the best of times, but throw diabetes, epilepsy and hip dysplasia into the mix and things get even tougher. 

Nonetheless, Northern Mum parents - and blogs - in her own inimitable style (back to school fashion for mums is as essential as it is unknown!), and we’re pretty sure you’ll be addicted to this hilarious and moving blog in no time.

We really love reading her parenting tips and, even though the kids might drive her up the wall sometimes (Peppa Pig stethoscopes can do that to a woman!) she will really miss them when they go back to school. Or maybe that's just the wine talking...





Purple Mum

It all started at the circus. No, really. When a dancer meets a juggler, falls in love, starts a circus arts business and settles down with three children, you have a recipe for ... Purple Mum! 

The circus may have taken a backseat now, but this blog fills the creative void and it’s an absolute treat to read. Here you’ll learn about Grumpy Doughnut Days (we all have them) and how to throw your own teddy bears’ picnic; cake is essential!

We really love her ten life lessons. She's put them together to celebrate her birthday and share her wisdom at the same time - just a hint, laughter and chocolate really are the solutions to everything.






Slummy Single Mummy

Jo became a single mum at just 19 and, thanks to a lot of hard work, has raised two beautiful children. Her blog is brimming with great posts about bringing up kids - especially when things get difficult - getting back on the dating scene, homemaking lemon curd and even discovering that first dreaded wrinkle. 

We’re not sure how she does it all, but one read of Slummy Single Mummy and we’re sure you’ll love this funny, inspiring blogger as much as we do.

We really love her advice about transforming your home. Reorganising your furniture, making use of the garden and converting your loft are all great ways to make your home feel new again, and it's a lot cheaper than moving!






Sticky Fingers

Tara was a high-flying newspaper editor, until she reconsidered her priorities and realised that her two children came out top of the list. Now she works from home and has never looked back. 

You might find her wading in a stream with the boys or trying her hand at making classic American pancakes. Make sure to read her post about taking great photos of your children so you can capture all those lovely memories, just like she does. 

We really love her foolproof tips for making perfect cupcakes: it's all about using quality ingredients and sticking religiously to the recipe. You'll have to choose between butter and margarine, and you mustn't be afraid to make a mess!






Tabiboo is a feast for the eyes and the soul. Nina lives by the coast and always has her camera on hand to capture beautiful moments with her three children. 

You’ll usually find this family outside, playing with pebbles on the beach or running through corn fields like in Little House on the Prarie. Stunning photography with a hint of vintage style, this breathtaking blog will really have you hooked.

We really love seeing their adventures on the Kentish coast, when the children had a taste of birdwatching and managed to spot a heron. This is a family that just loves to get outside and appreciate nature - what a perfect day out!






The Mad House

Mum’s in the madhouse with MadDad and their two sons, and things here are crafty, crazy and a lot of fun! One day they’re crafting their dream cars out of paper and glue (I think we can all agree that sequins are a must for every vehicle) and the next MadMum is planting up a vegetable plot in the back garden. 

There’s never a dull moment in the madhouse, so what are you waiting for? Jump in and bring your kids along for the ride.

We really love seeing what fun the children had on their 'free range' summer holiday - they climbed trees, walked their dog on the beach and clambered all over rocks. It looks like we could all do with a free range summer now and again!






The Newhouse Family

We all know that a cardboard box can keep a child occupied for hours, but cut a door into the front and a window in the side, and they’ll probably just want to move in! 

The Newhouse Family appreciate the small things in life, especially little Willow and baby Olive, and here they chart their adventures as a family. Going out, staying in or simply drawing all over the garden path with chalk, you’ll find something to inspire you at this adorable blog.

We really love the family trip to see CBeebies star Mr. Bloom - not only did they have a great time watching his perform all his favourite songs, they also tucked into a delicious hog roast. Yum!






Violet Posy

Liz had a few summer holiday ideas for the kids: decoupaging a chair, rummaging through charity shops and learning to horse ride. Phew! If you’ve been struggling for inspiration, Violet Posy will certainly help you out of the rut. 

As well as interior decoration and days out with the family, you’ll also find gardening posts and tips about blogging. This isn’t just one mum’s diary, it’s also an incredible resource for other parents out there! 

We really love her cunning method for keeping the sunlight out first thing in the morning. Just add a little well-placed velcro to your curtains and you can slumber on in peace.






Who's The Mummy?

Who’s The Mummy dubs itself ‘the anti-mummy blog’. You won’t find any home recipes here - cooking sometimes ends quite disastrously! - but you will find bags of fun. 

There are some fantastic travel posts; the intrepid mother-daughter duo have been to Brittany, Florence and even Jordan, where they met a particularly gassy camel. For musings about single parenting and tips for how to avoid doing it badly, you can’t get better than this brilliant blog.

We really love her top three list of things she would put into Room 101. Who wouldn't agree with banishing slow drivers and litterers? This blog is frank, funny and a great read.





If you know of any other blogs we should add to our list, please do contact the blogging team at dotcomgiftshopblog[@]gmail.com.