Eco-friendly kitchenware

21st February 2018danielle Share:FacebookTwitterShare

With a new wave of eco-friendly and ethically minded homeware and accessories now in stock, we thought we’d round up the best in bamboo for your kitchen and beyond. Scroll down and grab some inspiration for an eco-friendly future, whilst serving great style in your home.

Why bamboo?

With the anti-plastic movement bigger than ever, people are seeking more earth-friendly alternatives. Here are eight reasons to go green with bamboo products.

Bamboo tableware


Flamingo Bay box set

Spring cleaning and organising your kitchen have never looked so colourful and on-trend, with our brand new range of box sets. Ideal for storing long-life cupboard foods, or keeping foods fresh in the fridge. We like the idea of using these for when its picnic season too, storing all of our favourite tasty treats whilst keeping them fresh.
Flamingo Bay Bamboo Boxes (set Of 3) - £19.95

Vintage Apple bread bin

Our sturdy Vintage Apple bread bin is big enough to store a week’s worth of bread, and comes complete with a secure bamboo lid to keep your focaccia fresh and your ciabatta crusty. 
Alternatively, why not use our eco-friendly bread bin as an extra accompaniment to storage in your fridge. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and odour-resistant, making it perfect for a cheese box.
Vintage Apple Bamboo Bread Bin - £39.95

Tropical Palm tray

Our bamboo tray is ideal for enjoying a well-deserved breakfast in bed for those lazy weekends (if you can drop hints to your other half, that is).
Summer drinks for cocktail hour have never been easier to serve up without an extra pair of hands; you’ll be crowned host or hostess with the most(ess). 
We also love the idea of using it as an alternative stylish storage piece in hallways or bathrooms.
Tropical Palm Bamboo Tray - £14.95

Vintage Apple large and small bowl

Our bowls are perfectly practical for big gatherings, whether it’s around the dining table, or if you’re hosting a barbecue feast by the campfire. 
They are ideal for outdoor use as the bamboo material is durable and water resistant. Pass the snacks round, please!
Large Vintage Apple Bamboo Bowl - £14.95, Small Vintage Apple Bamboo Bowl - £5.95

Desert In Bloom lunch box

Packing up a pre-made lunch is irresistibly cool in our Desert In Bloom lunch box. With two compartments, it’s easier than ever to separate the sweet from savoury, whilst holding it all together with a smart rubber band.
Desert In Bloom Bamboo Lunch Box - £12.95

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