Easy Easter crafts for kids


Get crafting with your kids this Easter! Children love to make things so read on to discover some super-funky springtime creations courtesy of a selection of the best craft blogs around.

It’s amazing what you can make with paper, paint and a few googly eyes! And with the Easter holidays just around the corner, now’s a great time to plan some fun activities to keep little people busy.

Molly the rag doll rabbit

Make your own rabbit kit
Kids will love their cute cotton bunny
Pictured: Make your own rabbit craft kit - £12.95

Fancy introducing your children to some simple sewing skills? Kids will love to have a go at our Make your own rabbit craft kit.

‘Molly the rabbit’ is extra easy to make thanks to its pre-cut fabric pieces and pre-punched stitch holes.

Plastic sewing needles are included to make sure this craft is extra safe for little hands. Molly the rabbit comes in a cute box, which includes full instructions and everything you need to make her.

Giant egg garland

Easter garland
Michelle's giant egg garland
Image source: MollyMooCrafts

Children of all ages will love decorating these giant paper eggs and making them into garlands. You can either buy or make the egg shapes, then it’s a case of delving into your paint box to decorate them!

Painted easter egg garland
Leave the painted eggs to dry
Image source: MollyMooCrafts

Paint on your background colour, then when it’s dry, use marker pens and more paint to add patterns and faces to your creations! Your little ones will have fun embellishing the egg shapes to create different animals. Get those imaginations working!

String your patterned eggs together and your garland is ready to hang! Creator Michelle, of ‘MollyMooCrafts,’ says her daughter loves her garland so much it’s lived on her bedroom wall since last Easter!

Easter Bunny Bookmarks

Easter bunny bookmarks
Bookmarks for bookworms
Image source: My paper arts

Here’s a cunning craft to get your kids reading over the holidays - super cute bunny bookmarks!

And there’s no need to drag your kids out to the shops hunting for craft kits to make them. Creator Candy Wooding, blogger at ‘My Paper Arts’ says: ‘These darling little bookmarks are made from the corners of envelopes. In my case, envelopes that would have otherwise ended up in my recycle bin’.

All you need now are scissors, coloured paper, glue, a pen or marker and your imagination!

Why not encourage your children to test out their bookmark by taking a trip to the bookshop or library to choose a new book?

Easter animal Egg Cups

Animal Easter egg cups
Rabbit or chick? You decide!
Image source: Activity village

Your little ones will be clamouring for boiled eggs and soldiers for Easter breakfast once they’ve made these cute animal egg cups.

Cheap and cheerful to make, all you need is coloured craft foam, an egg box, glue and googly eyes. Your boiled eggs will look ‘cracking’. We reckon children aged three and up will get the most fun out of this craft, although younger crafters will need help cutting out the animal shapes. To make it easier, the guys at 'Activity Village' provide a template.

Chirpy Chocolate Chicks

Kinder egg chick
Get creative with chocolate
Image source: A Mummy Too

What’s Easter without an edible treat - preferably a chocolate one! Writer Emily Leary’s Kinder egg chick looks impressive, and is easy to make from ingredients you’ll probably already have at home.

The chick’s body is made from a Kinder egg, its wings and feet are choccy buttons stuck on with melted chocolate and the eyes are mini eggs. Ingenious!

Create the choccy chick’s nest by mixing shredded wheat with melted dark chocolate. Press the mixture into a sandwich tin and chill in the fridge to set.

A super easy recipe for children to follow, the only problem you’ll have is keeping your little ones away from the chocolate buttons!

Eggs with eggstraordinary powers

superhero eggs
Super ideas for egg painting
Image source: jbmumofone

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a spot of egg decorating. We love these simple superhero designs made from blown out eggshells. They’re super original and funny, in fact their creator Jennifer Bath claims she couldn’t stop giggling while she was making them.

You’ll need to dye your eggs before you let your little ones loose on them. Simply soak the eggs overnight in a bowl filled with with 1 cup of water and 1tsp of food colouring, then leave to dry for 24 hours and you’re ready to decorate.

To create the characters, you’ll need some googly eyes, scraps of felt, a black marker, some card, tissue paper and sticky dots. Jennifer offers a free template to help you draw your own superhero badges and cape.

We reckon this is an idea with plenty of mileage; children will love to design eggy versions of their favourite superheros.

Eggstra easy sparkling eggs

spotty eggs
Sparkly but simple to make
Image source: jbmumofone

If you think we’re mad for suggesting that you let your toddler loose with glitter, stick with us. We reckon Jennifer Bath’s no-dye spotty eggs are perfect for little hands.

To make your sparkly eggs you’ll need to prepare a few blown eggshells, but your toddler can do the next bit. Pop some sticky dots all over the blown eggshells, then let your child have fun rolling the eggs in glitter.

The results are so pretty their creator even suggests popping your finished eggs into tealight holders as an Easter table centrepiece!

We hope your children enjoy having a go at our springtime crafts this Easter. Why not pop over to our Facebook page and share your family’s crafty creations?