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We love crafts and handmade goodies at DotComGiftShop, so we thought we'd share some of our favourite craft blogs with you.

The talent these artists have is incredible, not to mention inspiring for anyone thinking of pursuing an interest in crafts.


Lime Green Bogie Girl

Lime Green Bogie Girl is Kirsty Wiseman’s blog about her family (including Eddy the Sausage Dog), her everyday life but most prominently her love of all things craft related.

Kirsty is a freelance craft and graphic designer as well as being a keen photographer, and she puts these skills to good use on her blog, with some beautiful pictures both of her own work and others.

The design of the site is very impressive with lots of individual touches, and you really get the impression you’ve walked into a craft shop, when you visit Lime Green Bogie Girl.

There’s a really nice feeling to this blog and Kirsty’s personality comes across in her posts, as does her love of all things pretty and all things handmade.

So if you have an interest in crafts or just design in general, it’s definitely worth seeing what Kirsty has to say on her ‘daily blah’ (as she herself describes the blog).


Crafting Mad

Crafting Mad is one man’s blog all about (surprise, surprise) crafting, with a strong emphasis on gift card designs.

The author, Fabrizio, admits that he took up crafting three years ago as a way to escape from his disability, but has certainly developed a strong passion for what he calls his ‘works of heart’.

As well as pictures and descriptions of his own crafting, Fabrizio also features other people’s work, all of which provide ideas and great inspiration.

The blog has a very simple layout that’s easy to navigate and helps you quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. There are some nice features as well including a clever gadget that let’s you follow the blog and become an official fan.

Fabrizio also has a long list of links to other male designers, which is great to see in what is very much a female-dominated market.

Crafting Mad is a great blog for the design conscious reader and always has something new and interesting to look at or read.


Judy's Crafty Moments

Judy's Crafty Moments is a showcase of one woman's creative splurges, with lots of inspirational ideas on offer.

The blog is mainly about cardmaking but there's other crafty stuff going on as well, all presented beautifully.

Judy is a design team member for Sugar Nellie and Quixotic Paperie, meaning she's always involved in some kind of project, which she shares with her blogging community.

A brilliant craft blog, which is definitely worth paying a visit to when you next get the chance. 





Paper Crafts by Rach

Paper Crafts by Rach is a crafters dream, with lots of great work on display, detailed tutorials (with videos) and a large community all sharing creative ideas.

The blog is designed beautifully with very close attention to detail. The main section showcases Rach's latest designs, all of which are photograhped stunningly, as you might expect.

But it's the tutorial section of Paper Crafts by Rach that really sets this blog apart, with a huge wealth of tips, ideas and expert advice on offer. The video lessons are particularly helpful, as some techniques are easier to pick up when visualised.

So whether you're already heavily involved with the world of crafts or are just starting out and want to learn more, Paper Crafts by Rach is the blog for you.




Inspirational showcases crafting creations from around the world that the design team from this fantastic blog find, well, inspirational.

If you're short on ideas or looking for creative inspiration then this really is the blog for you, with a vast array of styles being showcased.

And because the Inspirational team is made up of many crafters, there's always something different or innovotive being offered up to get the creative juices flowing.





Art & Soul

Art & Soul is a blog that’s all about the world of crafts and allows one designer, Dyan, to talk about the many projects that she’s involved with.

To say that Dyan is a busy woman would probably be a great understatement. Not only does she help run Art from the Heart, a large craft teaching studio, she also has another design business, Blonde Moments with her daughter.

On top of that, Dyan is also takes her teaching skills across Europe, as well as representing yet another craft company, 7gypsies, on QVC.

So needless to say, if you want to pick up some tips on crafts, hear some interesting stories from the world of art and design or just try and keep up with everything that Dyan is doing, Art & Soul is well worth a visit.

This terrific bog really gives some great insights into crafts, particularly gift cards and scrapbooks, and is endorsed by an ever-growing legion of followers.


The Crafty Butterfly

The Crafty Butterfly Stamping Blog is Wendy McGlinchey’s home for sharing with the world her love of crafts, and in particular rubber stamps.

Wendy specialises in creating her own personalised gift cards, using nothing but her artistic flair and the odd stamp to product an array of unique designs.

This blog acts mainly as a showcase for her work, but there are also tips for people wanting to learn specific techniques, as well as a few other bits and pieces relating to crafts in general.

The blog has a very simple, but eye-catching design. It also functions incredibly well and finding your way around the vast array of information on offer is made much easier with various categories and labels.

There is also a list of links to other craft-related sites as well as blogs that Wendy recommends. And with so much on offer, you’d be mad to not pay a visit to The Crafty Butterfly Stamping Blog.


Cuppa Tea and Cake

Cuppa Tea and Cake is the blog of textiles teacher and craft-lover Jess who 'likes to sew, knit, crochet, felt, print, weave, embroider, generally anything to do with textiles'.

She uses her skills to good effect, producing some lovely things, such as tote-bags, tea cosys, badges and all kinds of other pretty, etsy stuff.

The blog allows Jess to showcase her work and talk about other crafty things she finds. This is a beautifully presented blog, with a very simple layout, which is a joy to visit.

So if you want to keep up with what Jess is doing with her crafting or just see what kind of things have caught her eye in the world of textiles, Cuppa Tea and Cake is well worth a regular read.



Crafters Kitchen

Crafter’s Kitchen is a blog that showcases the handmade gift cards of Jak Heath, accompanied by her own detailed insights on the various projects.

What’s really nice about Jak’s work and her blog is the variety of styles she employs, meaning there’s always something new and different to see.

Crafter’s Kitchen is hugely popular with over 400 people signed up as official fans and lots of discussion taking place, as new pieces of work are unveiled.

Navigating the blog is also very easy, with lots of clever labels used to categorise Jak’s work. And they’re needed as well because the blog is constantly being updated with new posts and inspirational ideas.

So if you’re interested in crafts and gift card design, the Crafter’s Kitchen is very much for you.



Terrie Bailey's Blog

Terrie Bailey’s Blog is about one woman’s love of crafting, in particular gifts cards and scrapbooks, and here she shares both her expertise and creations with the world.

This is another beautifully designed blog, which is incredibly easy on the eye. It's also very easy to navigate and search through older posts, which are filled with great ideas and inspiration.

Terrie is also part of the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog, a central location where all crafters from beginners to advanced, can come and learn, share, and explore the world of crafts. So you'll always find lots of information about upcoming events that you can get involved with.

Another great aspect of Terrie's blog is that she shares lots of useful links to other crafters websites, so you can quickly find many other enthusiasts that share your love of all things craft-related.



Country Heart & Home

Country Heart and Home is a stunningly presented blog from top to bottom, written and edited by craft enthusiast Debbie.

Before you even look at the content on offer, the design of the blog really catches your eye and immediately lets you know your at the home of a serious crafter.

The articles are centered around Debbies own creations but she talks about anything to do with scrapbooking, cardmaking and 'all things shabby chic'.

There are lots of great pictures and ideas on offer, which is precisely what you want from a blog of this nature.

DotComGiftShop definitely give the thumbs up to Country Heart & Home.



It's a Creative World

It's a Creative World makes one very simple promise: to publish a post every single day to inspire and encourage creativity. And they've certainly been as good as their word.

This talented group of crafters share loads of great ideas, inspired by colour, paper, fabric, nature, patterns, sounds, architecture, or anything else that sparks their creative minds.

The design of the blog is simple but very sleek, allowing you to quickly find articles of interest through a comprehensive category system.

There's a host of inspirational images and insights from a range of craft enthusiasts, which makes a refreshing change from the usual one author blog.

It's a Creative World is an amazing project and worth visiting if you're looking for creative ideas.



A Lil' bit of me...

A Lil' bit of me... is Marlene's blog about gift cardmaking, stamping and distressed ink.

The blog has a minimal layout, which allows visitors to immeidately focus on her work, which you can hardly blame her for given the level of quality.

The keen attention to detail that Marlene shows for every card she produces is phenomenal and some of her intricate distressed ink colouring is amazing.

In fact, Marlene has even produced a distressed ink tutorial, explaining how she colours so acurately, so that others can also achieve the same effect.

For all these reasons and more A Lil' bit of me... is well worth checking out.



Cats Whiskers

Cats Whiskers is a blog by Jacqui Dennis, which showcases her gift card designs and gives her the oppoprtunity to talk about both her work and crafting in general.

The blog has the most simple design possible, but the plain white background acts as the perfect canvas to display images of her designs.

Cats Whiskers also has a giant following, so if you're interested in becoming part of a real crafters community, then this blog is a great place to get involved.

As a bonus, there's lot of links to other blogs as well as information about gift cards competitions and groups that anyone is welcome to join.

With all this on offer it's no surprise that at DotComGfftShop we really think Cats Whiskers is, well...the cat's whiskers!



All the things I love

All the things I love is both a blog and a giant community of crafters, which is focused on the amazing gift card designs of one woman, Bev.

With well over a thousand people following the blog officially, it's clear to see that All the things I love is home to something special, which is of course, Bev's many inspirational designs.

New posts are added on a daily basis, with stunning pictures, clever tips and even the odd competition or two. And with such a big following, there's always something interesting being debated in the comment sections.

Visiting All the things I love is like diving into an ocean of crafting and creativity, with so much to explore it's quite easy to get lost along the way.

For cardmaking enthusiasts, this is a must-visit.