My Top 50 CyberMummy bloggers

I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural CyberMummy conference in London over the weekend, which is a conference set up for Mummy (and Daddy Bloggers) in the UK. 

There were 200 attendees, so this isn’t an exhaustive list, but will give you an introduction to some wonderful Mummy blogs out there.





OK I must start with the three women who are at the heart of CyberMummy.


The Organisers

A Modern Mother – Suzanne is the founder of the British Mummy Blogging Network and also of CyberMummy too.  An American expat with three girls, who are all a year apart!

Mummy Tips – Sian is a PR wonder woman, who has battled her way through the most horrendous post natal depression with her first child and then gone on to have 3 more. A true inspiration

AlphaMummy – Jennifer Howze. Another American Expat, Jen blogs for the Times, which you now have to pay to read – boohoo!  


The CyberMummy 5

These are the brave bloggers, who actually live blogged a session and yes I was one of them (although in my case never again, as I struggled to keep up with all going on and couldn’t type fast enough).

Young and Younger  – Young Mummy is an interiors editor on a glossy mag who's swapped nosing round beautiful homes for dirty nappies and baby talk. Twins Miss E and Mr A were born in September 2009.   

What can I say about Pippa from A Mothers Ramblings? Well, she is mum to Top Ender and Baby boys and her blog is a fantastic read, plus she runs a Christmas Club every month, giving great tips to prepare for the big day, oh and she is very funny too!

3 Bedroom Bungalow – Kat is an American Military wife and mom, who hosts a regular and very popular “Dear so and So” section on her blog.

Nixdmix - Eva is a social media evangelist (her words not mine) and a very nice person to boot!  She lives in London with her daughter and started blogging after losing her job

TheMadHouse – Ah yes this is me!  I am a SAHM to 2 wonderful, but terrifying little boys, who are 15 months about.  Life is not always interesting, but never quiet!  


Crowd Sourced Keynotes

For me this was the highlight of the event, a change to hear people read out their own blog posts.  What a rollercoaster ride indeed.  Tissues were needed for every post, weather they were tears of joy or sadness.  A truly remarkable experience:

Baby Baby – Sandy read one of the crowd sourced key note speeches at the end of the conference entitled “My Old Man” and wow there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  I feel a real affinity for Sandy, as we both have 2 boys who are really close in age, there is a year between her boys. 

A place of my Own – Kelly took everyone on a rollercoaster of emotions with her speech from her post 'The separate people living under my skin'.

Family Affairs and other matters - The marvellous Lulu had me and others in stitches with her post about being invisible in your 40’s.  

Vegemite Vix - A fantastic writer Vix moved her and her family half way across the globe to settle down and marry her Englishman, who she met in Paris. Her speech was an incredible moving post to her mother. 

New Mummy - Carol (s self confessed serial blogger) read an incredibly moving post about her greatest fear - turning in to her mother

Not Wrong, Just Different – A super post about life with a 5 year old.  Iota is a Scottish transplant to Midwest America.

The potty diaries – The fab Potty Mummy (who is currently residing in Russia) introduced us all to an old work colleague in her post, little did we know it was her BC (before children)

Muddling Along Mummy spoke about her high maintenance baby, which really struck a chord with me, as I experienced similar with Maxi as a baby too. 

Its A Mummy’s Life read a great post about blogging and the need for a Bloggers Anonymous because yes blogging is addictive!

Hot Cross Mum, who came over from Ireland for the conference read her take on Baz Lurmans Free to wear sunscreen record, The Ketchup Remix - for the mums of the class of 2010 – priceless! 

Modern Dilemma, read a very moving post about her own mother. Another one that had me in tears.

Bees on Ski’s read a great post all about the things that Baby Bee would tell her as an 11 month old – a real reminder of what is important in life.

Maria from Mummy’s Busy World read out a post on behalf of Little M about ways he could make her life easier! 

Finally me – I read out a post about how I got sepsis after my mastectomy.  For me it was a really hard thing to do, but also a brilliant experience, as I hadn’t revisited it since writing it.


Now on to some of the fantastic attendees

Bringing up Charlie - Tim was the sole man at the conference and for that I have to say hats off to him.  His wonderful blog is all about being a stay a home Dad to Charlie and chronicles their time together.

NutureStore – This is a fantastic blog by Cathy which is a wonderful store of ideas about things to do with children.  Cathy puts a really big emphasis on play, which makes her pretty cool in my book.

Tales from the Village - I have to include Rachael here as her she came back from the conference and posted a great piece on not being a CyberMummy, but just being a real mummy, which tugged at my heartstrings.  Rachael ran the London Marathon and has four wonderful children.

Egg, cream and Honey – Heather is an American Expat with four children who is baking her way through motherhood, one cake at a time and was such a joy to meet.

Jay from Mocha Bean Mummy, who was the unofficial photographer of the event.  Jay is a straight talking mother of two boys who are her Mocha Beanies.

Sleep is for the Weak, which is what all mothers think when their child is first born.  Josie is a real inspiration to be, as she holds a weekly writers workshop, she was also on “what makes good content panel”.

Deer Baby. what can I say about this blog? The writing is wonderful, Alison brings such emotions to the fore with her fantastic writing style, which really resonates with me.

Another woman that made a big impression on the day was Jax from Making it up, who took her baby with her.  Jax has been blogger for more than 7 years and has some great tips on which platform to blog on.

Rosie Scribble - Rosie is a single mum of a beautiful 6 year old daughter who she calls IJ.  Here she records the trials and tribulations of her life.

Cafebebe – Karin is another American ex-pat, are you seeing a theme here (I think that Americans were early blog adopters), who hosts a Vloging (Video Blogging to you and me) competition and blogs about life with Little Miss and her English Husband

Babyrabmles - Emily is a long term blogger, who blogs about life with 3 children under 5.   She also manages to work at home!

Battling on - Paula is a great writer, one of those people that you just want to read.  She is a mum to 3 children and is lovely in person too (thanks to CyberMummy I can vouch for that!)

Baking Mad Mamma - Amy was my wonderful table companion, who made me laugh, I made her cry and we formed a firm friendship

1 more means four …….. and 1 more - Freddie was another baby at the conference and he was just delectable, he almost made my womb ache!

Glowstars – The wonderful Vic and Mr A (yes another scrummy baby), who actually managed to get me on video and is even nicer in real life than on her blog (if that is possible).

Baby Budgeting – Becky’s blog is full of fantastic tips to help you afford time off with your baby or child.  She is a whirlwind and the smiliest person I think I met on the day.

Pants with Names (I helped her name her new blog doncha know)! formally Brits in Bosnia (she came back longing for a decent cup of tea).  This is all about life back in the UK with 2 boys, a dog and another baby on the way.

Ret Ted Art – I love Maggie’s blog.  I love the fact that she inspires me and the children to craft and explore out surroundings.  She is lovely in person and had business cards made out of chocolate!

Violet Posy – Liz makes me happy, she always has.  She is generous with her time and a fantastic blogger who has created lots of bloggers buttons and is a technical wiz, who is happy to share her knowledge.  A real star.

Notes from Home – Ella has four children including one with a terrible condition, her blog is full of wonderful, brave, insightful, thought provoking and funny posts.

Blotted Copy Book - Vonnie is another crafting mum like me, who lives in Scotland, a real gem, she has 4 beautiful children and doesn’t look old enough!

Me, The Man and the baby - Emma is a young and very beautiful mum to Oliver.  She is just a warm and wonderful as her blog and a real treasure to meet.

Cherished by Me is a fab blog by Nova who is a single mum to five (yes five) children who range from 3 to 15.

Hayley at Single Mummy was a mum at 16 and has a wonderful 4 year old son.  She blogs about her life and the fact that young mums are just as good as any other.

Kerry is a work at home mum of a one year old boy who writes at And Then All I Thought About was you, she has been writing since a young age.

Rebecca is a mum of Twins who blogs at Two become Four.   Rebecca is a talented jewellery maker in addition to mum to Tilly and Jasper, who were born August 2009.  I have no idea where she finds the time!

Kat from Housewife Confidential blogs as a way of recording her way through the glory years with two young children. She is also very cool indeed.

Emma from Adventures of an English mum is a larger than blogger who loves ridiculously expensive high heeled shoes, almost as much as she loves her seven year old daughter!

Carly from Mummy Shoes is a stylish and an entrepreneurial mummy to Baby Bell, who is just over a year old.  She loves all things girly including diamonds and pearls.

Liz Jarvis is a freelance journalist and mum who blogs at Living with Kids.

This is just the tip of the iceburge though, there was in excess of 180 bloggers there for the CyberMummy conference and if you look on British Mummy Bloggers there are in excess of 1400 members currently. 

The UK mummy blogging community is growing at an amazing rate and is filled with tales of heartache, joy and humour and wonderful tales of being a parent, which is the hardest, but most rewarding job in the whole world.

Image source: netris