20 marvellous mummy blogs

26th February 2016kath Share:FacebookTwitterShare

Other mums out there are experiencing the same parenting thrills and spills as you, and loads of them are blogging about it! Here are 20 of our favourite Mummy Blogs.

Sparkles and Stretchmarks

Sparkles and stretchmarks

Hayley with Tyne and Noah
Image source: Sparkles and Stretchmarks

If you’re a mum who’s maybe struggled with pregnancy or breastfeeding, it’s easy to feel as though everyone else is simply sailing through it all. Thirty-something blogger Hayley, is wonderfully brave about sharing her own struggles - it’s so reassuring to know you’re not alone.

Hayley suffered Symphis pubis dysfunction (SPD) - pelvis pain - during her pregnancy, and gave birth by cesarean section for the third time on February 12th 2016. You can read all about it in her article ‘Sailor’s C Section Birth Story.’ And find out about her battles with breastfeeding in her touching post, ‘Our Breastfeeding Struggles,’ where she discusses why she still isn’t able to manage it: ‘Our breastfeeding journey has been a nightmare,’ she says.

Beautiful Tribe

Family at the beach

Beautiful Adele and part of her Tribe
Image source: Beautiful Tribe

Have you ever considered home educating your child? Adele and husband Laurence have taken up the challenge with gusto. On her blog, Adele shares her experiences of the process, as well as some useful resources like these ‘Five autumn printables for pre-schoolers.’

As well as home-schooling, Adele blogs about relationships, pregnancy, and parenting. Check out how she copes with an unexpected pregnancy on her straight talking blog post, ‘On finding out that we’re having a third baby.’ ‘I think we were both in shock,’ says Adele.

Mummy Constant – The little adventures of Noah & Isla Rae

Mummy constant

Noah and Isla Rae in the sun
Image source: Mummy Constant

Do you know how it feels to juggle the demands of work and kids? Do you occasionally drop the ball? Then you’ll totally understand how Sonia Constant came to turn up at the school gate without that all-important permission slip in hand.

Of course, permission slips aren’t the only thing that can go wrong, as Sonia confesses in her brilliantly titled post: ‘This morning I was ‘that’ Mum.’ There’s also turning up late for school pick-up and forgetting your son’s PE kit. But there’s lots of fun stuff here too, like making pancakes with a difference. Spinach and mushroom pancake anybody?

Attachment Mummy

Attachment mummy

Leta’s daughters taking a stroll with a new pushchair
Image source: Attachment Mummy

If you’re looking for advice on home-schooling, fostering, or even adopting, check out what Attachment Mummy’s Leta has to say on the subject. Leta mulls over some of her own questions about being adopted - where does she originate from? Should she find her birth mother? She concludes overall that ‘Seriously, adoption rocks!’

Leta has been named the most influential parenting blogger in the UK, so she knows what she’s talking about. What she talks about are things like parenting, gardening, cats, books… you name it and you can bet Leta has plenty of interesting things to say about it.

Mummy, Daddy, Me

Mummy, Daddy, Me

Katie at 20 weeks pregnant
Image source: Mummy, Daddy, Me

What’s your favourite thing about being pregnant? For Katie, it’s feeling her baby kick, even though her bump is now so big she feels her whole tummy move. ‘Wow, haven’t you got a big bump?’ exclaimed the nurse when she took Katie’s bloods.

You can compare notes with Katie as she shares every stage of her pregnancy from the first, second, and now third trimester in her ‘Our Little Films’ section. Katie also blogs about family life with daughters Mads and LL, and we absolutely love her ‘Letters to my Littles’ section, where she marks each milestone in their lives by writing them a letter.

Mum’s the Boss

Mum's the boss

Family time at the beach
Image source: Mum’s the Boss

Do you feel like you’re arriving at a crossroads as your children approach their teens? Once-upon-a-time-ambitious-accountant Debbie O’Connor, who today calls herself a Mumpreneur, reckons she’s got a year left to get a plan together for the next chapter.

Pick up some great entrepreneurial tips and advice from Debbie as she steps up to the challenge. This blog post on ‘How to Make your Hobby Pay for Itself in 2016’ is a great place to start: throw a party, get social media savvy, build a support network, and remember, Mum’s the boss!

Not Another Mummy Blog

Not another mummy blog

Alison on a ‘Wander around Shoreditch’
Image source: Not Another Mummy Blog

Do you worry sometimes that everyone else is brilliant at this being a mum business while you’re just faking it? If you do, then you’ll know what Alison means when she confides, ‘I look like I’m winning at parenting – at life! But the reality is, I’m totally winging it.’

Being a mum can be tough sometimes, especially if you suffer post-natal depression (PND) like Alison did. Read how she handles some of the difficult times in her touching blog post, ‘When We Pretend We’re Fine.’

Not My Year Off

Not my year off

‘Little Z’ and Dad on a perfect family holiday
Image source: Not My Year Off

It’s natural to want to celebrate your little one’s achievements. Things like, her first steps, her brightly coloured artwork, the fact that she used her potty all by herself. Well now you can! New mum, Tas, invites you to do just that in her ‘Loud ‘n’ Proud’ section, where you are positively encouraged to boast your heart out. And why not? Each and every one of them is fabulous.

Tas blogs about the sort of topics that affect many mums, such as ‘The Importance of Us Time’ where she discusses how busy mums and dads need to find some couple time too. After all, that’s how you came to have children in the first place!

Oh So Amelia

Oh so Amelia

Kerry with Amelia and Harrison
Image source: Oh So Amelia

Sometimes, just knowing that other people are wrestling with the same stuff as you are really helps. Twenty something Kerry from North Wales shares her experience of separating from her partner in this disarmingly honest post, ‘Life Lately - Separation.’

She blogs about how she coped in her uplifting post, ‘Welcome to the Single Mum Club,’ where she celebrates the positives about being a single parent.

Kerry also passes on some brilliant tips on parenting. Do check out some of her super helpful blog posts such as, ‘10 Tips to Help Sooth a Crying Baby.’ We’d never thought about white noise before!

Rainy Day Mum

Rainy Day Mum

Cerys’ ‘Rainbow number bonds’
Image source: Rainy Day Mum

We all know that getting on board with our child’s early learning development can make a huge difference to their progress at school, but let’s face it, making them sit down to do maths can seem dead dull. Not for Cerys though. As a teacher herself, she’s found some fabulous - and fun - ways to teach her kids all sorts of things.

We particularly love ‘Telling the Time Body Clocks’ where your child uses their arms as the clock hands and their body as the clock. So much more energising and playful than sitting in a chair with pen and paper. You can find more great ideas in her ‘Activities for Kids’ section.

Who’s the mummy?

Who's the mummy

Sally and Flea with Donald Duck
Image source: Who’s the mummy?

What do you do when your child doesn’t want to spend time with your ex? If you’re separated and have ever struggled with co-parenting, you’ll want to read Sally’s thoughtful post on the subject where she explores ‘Co-Parenting: It works. Until it doesn’t.’

Sally’s blog also explores the fun side of being a parent. She and daughter Flea love to travel. ‘Let’s go somewhere cold,’ said Flea. ‘I want to go ice skating.’ So Sally took Flea to Chicago and wrote a great blog about ‘Things to do in Chicago when you’re 10.’ We might not be 10 years old, but we’d still love to see the Zoolights at Lincoln Park Zoo.

write like no one’s watching

write like no one's watching

Charlotte and her young family
Image source: write like no one’s watching

Anybody who’s been through a relationship break up will know how tough it can be. Charlotte, 28 year old mother to Bill, says she has found ‘The Motherhood’ to be the toughest ‘hood’ there is.

In her chatty and frank blog, Charlotte writes like no one’s watching as she explores issues such as co-parenting with Bill’s father and the wider fallout that happens when a couple splits up and you find yourself being judged. She also blogs about finding new love with her best friend: It’s great to know that there’s always hope.

Mother’s Always Right

Mother's Always right

Work-at-home-mum Molly
Image source: Mother’s Always Right

Do you dream of quitting your job when the kids come along, and going self-employed? Molly - former disco queen, turned journalist, turned mum talks about the realities of working from home. It’s ‘sometimes impossible,’ she says.

If you think blogging might be a good way to balance mum life with working life, you must check out Molly’s blog post ‘Five years blogging and a leap into the unknown,’ where she discusses the pros and cons of things such as exposing your life to public view, isolation and making connections.

A Mother’s Ramblings

A mother's ramblings

Pippa’s ‘sitcom’ family
Image source: A Mother’s Ramblings

It’s easy to think that everyone but you knows what they’re doing, that they’ve all got a plan, but ‘Nobody has a clue what they are doing,’ Pippa declares as she tries to come up with a set of rules for ‘How To Be A Grown Up.’ Phew!

Pippa’s rules include building others up instead of putting them down, something we remember to tell our kids but not always each other.

There’s a great ‘Family Fun List’ section on Pippa’s blog too - we’d so love to ride on a steam train and see wild dolphins - though not necessarily on the same day!

A Mummy Too

A mummy too

Emily working her magic in the kitchen
Image source: A Mummy Too

Being a busy mum can make us feel like there’s no time for fancy cooking, but blogger Emily Leary believes that ‘a shortage of spare time shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy beautiful, delicious things.’ To help you with ideas, Emily runs a ‘linky’ page where food bloggers are invited to post their recipe ideas every week. Our favourite has to be this ‘Chicken in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce.’

Emily believes adults should indulge their creativity in other ways too. When her 6 year old caught her enjoying one of her upcycling projects, he cried, ‘Mummy, that’s naughty! You’re cutting up your jumper!’ That jumper is now a cool slouchy bag.

A Place of My Own

A place of my own

Kelly’s happy bunch
Image source: Kelly Cheesley via Instagram

If you’ve ever suffered with post-natal depression, you might want to check out Kelly’s deeply moving blog post, ‘Clinging on for dear life.’ Kelly writes honestly and openly about family life with her husband and two kids, as well as her battles with PND. ‘I write to unload and let go of things that cram my head,’ she says.

Kelly describes herself as, ‘Wife of one, mum of two. Blogger. Maker of pretty things.’ We agree; her handmade quilt and table topper are very pretty things indeed.

Making it up

Making it up

Home school music lessons
Image source: Making it up

If you’ve made the decision to home educate, or are considering it, we recommend that you visit Jax Blunt’s blog, where you will find some fantastically useful information and advice. Her excellent blog post, ‘Considering home education? Some facts and contacts,’ not only fills you on your legal standing, it offers a whole host of links to great supporting resources too, such as Mathletics.

Jax hasn’t forgotten about the adults either. Why not take up her ‘52 book reading challenge?’ It should be very educational.

Max and Mummy

Max and mummy

Max in the park
Image source: Max and Mummy

Do you love a good read? Senior bookseller and aspiring author, Laura, has set up her own online book club. The book this month is The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson, which promises to be a cracking read.

Laura has recently started on a course run by ‘Digital Mums’, which she hopes will help her to make ‘A New Beginning.’ She plans to record her progress on her blog, so if you’ve ever considered professional blogging as a way to balance work and family commitments, you won’t want to miss this.

Actually Mummy – The diary of a loquacious schoolgirl

Actually mummy

Helen asks important questions: should children have social media accounts?
Image source: Stephanie Belton via Actually Mummy

Have you ever wondered how your child actually views your lives together? With an intriguing twist, Helen Wills writes this blog mostly in the voice, and from the perspective of, her young daughter, GG.

Helen’s blog has a ‘Wot So Funee’ section, which we found hilarious. Perhaps the two posts that made us laugh the most were: ‘Where do babies come from?’ and ‘Can I shave my legs yet?’ Priceless!

In other sections of the blog, Helen writes in her own voice, and she invites other mums to share their birth stories. Check out Helen’s own humourous recollections of giving birth to GG - to epidural or not to epidural?

Beautiful Things

Beautiful things

Helen’s son Alfie on important business
Image source: Beautiful Things

Are you someone who has ‘Best and Worst Wednesdays,’ possibly even followed by ‘Throwback Thursdays?’ Do you even know what any of that means? BAWW and TBTs are Helen’s ‘linky’ pages, where she invites you to share ‘the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.’ Go, on, spill. It’ll make you feel better.

Helen doesn’t mind doing a bit of ‘spilling’ herself. In this well thought through but unresolved discussion post, Helen asks, ‘Are Working Mums Better Mums?’ What do you think?