Father blogs we love


With Father's Day just around the corner (June 19th), we thought we'd take the time to recognise some of the UK's best dad bloggers.

Single Parent Dad - The superb blog of a 32 year-old single dad, with interesting, insightful and funny anecdotes about a five year-old living up to his name. A brilliant read.

Bringing Up Charlie - A former RE teacher turned stay-at-home dad shares anecdotes about raising his son, as well as one or two other witty observations.

All That Comes With It - Dan is 33, lives in the north of England and has two young children. He blogs frequently about fatherhood, his day-to-day life and anything else that takes his fancy. 

My Daddy Cooks - The aim of Nick's blog is to simply document what and how he cooks in his household. The fact that his recipes are to be published in his very own My Daddy Cooks cookbook, tells you how good this blog is. 

daddacool - Alex is a daddy to 'two wee nippers' and shares his experiences of fatherhood with the world in this simple, honest blog. Definitely worth a visit.

Dad Who Writes - The dad who writes has written one novel and has various drafts awaiting completion, as well as a small collection of guitars that haven't been used for five years. He also has two children that he describes as the 'centre of our existence'. His blogs aren't high in quantity, but always deliver on quality.

Don't Panic. RTFM - About growing up. Man and Boy. Father and Son. What we do. What we don't. What we like. What we dislike. Challenges and joys. Fun and occasional sadness. And learning from each other.

Diary of a Newborn Dad - Extracts from a book this blogger is currently writing, in the hope of one day getting it published and seeing it on the shelves.This is his story about one man’s journey through pregnancy.

The Life and Times of a Househusband - The trials and tribulations of a Dad who is just trying to do his best. 

Like Father, Like Daughter - The brilliant blog of a stay-at-home dad, dedicated entirely to day-to-day life with little baby G.

Mere Bagatelle - Simon lives in North West Norfolk, works for the NHS and has a little boy called Tom. On this excellent blog you'll find all kinds of stories, thoughts and ideas about fatherhood. A must-read.

...To Be a Dad. - This is a blog that welcomes fathers of all ages, creeds, cultures and persuasions. All sharing a common quest… to be a Dad. Originally a story about becoming a first-time father-to-be at the age of forty, five years on Steve now has two children. A great read.

When Daddy Gets Home - A new blog but definitely one to keep an eye on. A 30 something teacher and fledgling parent living in the East of England shares his tales of Fatherhood.

Whiskey For Aftershave: a Dad Blog - Want to know what it's like raising twins? Well, check out this insightful and thoroughly interesting blog from a new dad taking his first steps into Fatherhood.

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