Unusual Christmas gifts

Create happy memories with unusual Christmas gifts. Choose from novelty and quirky gifts designed to delight 365 days of the year. Our unique stationery and classic toys make fun stocking fillers for kids. Or these retro gifts and gadgets make engaging Christmas gifts for men.

How to choose an unusual gift

Here at Rex London we're proud to offer a wide range of unusual gifts for everyone.


These simple steps will help you choose a thoughtful and unique gift:

• Think about the gift recipient's favourite hobbies, colours and styles.

• Find a unique design to match their preferences from our Rex Collections.

• Choose a gift the recipient will enjoy receiving and using.

• Congratulations, you've found a thoughtful, practical and unusual gift.


Why buy a quirky gift?

Quirky gifts are unexpected, fun and memorable. A quirky gift should be a delight to look at, a pleasure to use and inspire the curiosity of others. When given as a gift of random kindness you're guaranteed a smile.


How to wrap unusually shaped gifts

Browse our blog for expert gift wrapping tips and tricks including our popular video and advice on how to wrap a bottle.


Or, choose the easy option and place your present in a gift bag topped with some decorative tissue paper. You're gift will look great and you've avoided the potential perils of scissors and sticky tape.