Lunch boxes

Choose a lunch box or bento box from our unique designs for kids and adults. Protect school packed lunches with a jolly kid's lunch box, and for grown-up snacks consider an adult bento box in a bright design. Need storage for mini nibbles? Try our selection of snack pots. To keep contents cool or warm, consider our insulated lunch bags made from recycled plastics.

Kids' lunch box tips

It can be difficult to keep kids happily eating in a healthy manner, so here are some top tips to help:


Classic snacks with healthy ingredients

Most children won't hesitate to munch on a classic snack like crisps, cookies or sweets. So get creative and put your healthy foods in fancy dress. Turn apples into crisps, bananas into cookies and chickpeas into mini meteors.


It's simpler and quicker than you think. Read our healthy snack ideas for kids post to find out how. Give your healthy treats the wow-factor with our fabulous reusable snack bags.


Fun presentation

Food needs to match the fancy packaging. Nobody wants to open a brilliant cheetah lunch box only to find a boring cheese sandwich within.


Give snacks some visual sizzle. Dip sliced fruit into chocolate and sprinkles. Create spiral sandwich bites and use little cookie cutters to create fun veg mini feasts. To find out how, read our fun lunch box ideas article.


Feed their fascination

With so many marvellous designs to choose from it's good to occasionally go the extra mile and match the contents with the wrapper.


If your child is fascinated with space, stuff our Space Age lunch box with treats that are out of this world. You could include alien jellies, Jupiter coloured cookies, and spaceship shaped sandwiches.


More of a cat fan? Cram a Cookie The Cat bento box full of feline themed treats. Whether your children love sharks, dinosaurs, fairies or elephants, you'll find a unique design to delight them here at Rex London.