Latest Update

Update 24/03/20

Following the UK government's toughening of social distancing requirements we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily cease operations at the Rex London warehouse for an initial period of 3 weeks.

While not officially required to do this, the Covid-19 situation in London is worsening and we feel like this is the responsible course of action to do our part in helping slow the spread of the virus.

This means, for now, we will not accept any more orders on our website. We have a small team fulfilling orders already placed. When they are done, all the staff will be asked to remain at home. Our customer service team will still be available by e-mail to answer any questions. Please contact: Unfortunately we will not be able to answer phone calls. During this time all staff, regardless of whether or not they are able to continue their work from home, will continue to be paid their full salary.

We said we would try to stay open throughout this crisis but it has become clear that, to best protect our staff, their families and wider society, closing for a short time is the right thing to do. We hope all our customers can appreciate why we've done this, and we look forward to opening again when the time is right.