Mother's Day Survey 2015 Results

16th February 2015abby Share:FacebookTwitterShare

We surveyed 4,449 customers on their attitudes torwards Mother's Day.

 We asked mothers, sons and daughters a range of questions, from what they plan on spending to how important the day is to them and what the worst and best presents were! Here are the full results. 


Mother's Day Survey Results

How much will you spend on your Mother's Day gift? 
Under £51.40%
£6 - £95.10%
£10 - £1931.70%
£20 - £2933.10%
£30 - £3915.70%
£40 - £496.50%
£50 - £1005.60%
What do you plan on getting your Mum for Mother's Day? [Tick all that apply] 
A lie in4.60%
A hug22.60%
Something handmade26.10%
Breakfast in bed5.10%
Beauty products25.90%
A gadget3.50%
A gift voucher12.00%
A card56.20%
Do you think Mother's Day is important to your Mum? 
Will you spend Mother's Day with your Mum? 
Have you ever forgotten Mother's Day? 
What do you want for Mother's Day? [Tick all that apply] 
A lie in41.20%
A hug59.50%
Something handmade42.70%
Breakfast in bed27.90%
Beauty products11.20%
A gadget2.80%
A gift voucher7.20%
A card58.10%
How much would you guess your child spends on your Mother's Day gift? 
Under £522.50%
£6 - £920.00%
£10 - £1935.00%
£20 - £2913.70%
£30 - £394.50%
£40 - £492.30%
£50 - £1001.70%
Is Mother's Day important to you? 
Is it important your children spend Mother's Day with you? 

Worst and Best Mother's Day Gifts


Worst PresentsBest Presents
When my husband left me with the children and had a day out with his friend.My son coming home from Iraq.
Garage flowers.A CD of my son singing "twinkle twinkle little star" when he was 3 years old.
A box of pens.My husband took the kids out for the day and left me home alone with box of choc and and new book.
Pan scourers.My son.
Talcum powder.Being spoilt and not having to do any housework for the day.
A knitted toilet roll holder.All the chores done for me.
A very badly cooked breakfast, inedible.A home facial administered by my daughters.
An iron.A walk by the sea with all the family.
Petrol station flowers exactly like the ones my husband bought for his own mum!A massage.
A teddy with 'Nan' on it, bought in haste by my husband. I am not a nan!A lie in.
Nothing. My husband forgot.A whole day off.
Tea towels.Three years ago when I spent in New Zealand with my son and daughter; it was the first time we were all together in 20 years.
A puking child.Tandem parachute jump.
A cd by an artist I disliked.High tea at the Ritz.
A reusable bag from the market.A return train ticket to Leeds and money to spend when I got there, all alone!
Washing up gloves.Advert in local paper.
A family trip to LEGOLAND, hours of queuing.Handmade jewellery.
Half a dozen fresh eggs.A greetings card in which my husband could record my 2 year old daughter saying 'Love you Mummy'. It plays when you open the card and I still listen to it every now and then. Makes my heart melt.
Not speaking to my kids.A DVD that my ex husband filmed of my daughters when they were so small, thanking me for all the things I did for them. Priceless!
Potato masher.A homemade card from my son. It said "Thank You Mum" on the outside, and inside it said "for matching our socks into pairs."
A bunch of flowers from my eldest daughter. I have hay fever.A card off my brother which said "to a kind of mother" four weeks after my mam had died. He was 5, I was 13.
6 red roses with only 4 heads between them.Jar with reasons my daughter loves me.
A deep fat fryer.Happy Mothers Day made out of LEGO.
A really horrid card on its own.A 'Mummy Grump Box' (named by my husband) - a wooden box filled with chocolate treats for me whenever I'm feeling a bit fed up!
Breakfast in bed that was porridge made with butter.Chore vouchers handmade by the children.
An ornament I hated.A small box made from lollypop sticks glued together. Inside there was little notes from both my daughters with positive affirmations and their favourite things they like about me as their mum.
Potpourri.A little scrapbook.
Saucepan.A handmade candlestick.
A vaccum cleaner.Homemade biscuits.
A vegetable steamer.Vouchers for a tattoo with my kids names in that I had wanted for years.
A microwave bacon cooking tray.Arsenal tickets.
Socks.Fortnum & Masons Hamper.
A cold cup of tea.Gin.
A very large box of continental chocolates when successfully dieted for one month.Dinner on the orient express.
A foot spa.iPad.
Lime green t-shirt.Diamond necklace.
Another cup.A white gold bangle.
Gift voucher for a shop I don't buy from.Headphones.
A necklace which was identical to the one they bought me the previous year.A holiday.
A trip on a steam train.Tickets to see Miranda at the O2.
A can opener.A framed photograph.
An emulsion paint roller.A mum necklace.
Out of date chocolate.Champagne.
World's Best Mum' award.iPod shuffle.
An electric car tyre pump.Cookbook stand for tablet.
A toilet brush.Pandora charm with my boys initials.
Knickers.Bath bombs.
A perfume and body cream gift set with the perfume missing.Going to a craft fair and choosing a gift for myself.
An ironing board cover. 
A birthday card by mistake. 
Cash in a card. 
6 bottles of red wine - I hate it. 
Pink poo bags for the dog. 
A bin. 
4 cans of beer. 
A wrapped up parsnip. 
A night out with my mother in law. 
A packet of winegums. 
Half of the bouquet of flowers I had bought for my mother in law. 
An out-of-date 50p chocolate lollipop from a local Esso garage that my husband bought (on behalf of my then 2-year-old son) and hid in the boiler cupboard. The lollipop melted into a horrible mess. Husband still gave it to me. 
A potato peeler. 
A feather duster. 
Breakfast in bed. Dry toast and a glass of water. 
A card from my son that was meant for a step mother. 
Wrinkle cream. 
A home painted item. The paint was still wet and marked a new top. 
Toilet paper. 
A hose pipe. 
Burnt toast 
Breakfast in bed that consisted of Lemon curd and tomato sauce on toast. 
The wrapper from some chocolate - thoughtfully eaten for me! 
A plant that was only half living. 
A drill. 
Daffodils picked from the roadside which were full of earwigs. 
An Alex Salmond mask. 
A plaque with a tacky poem on. 
A bag of assorted nuts. 
A chainsaw. 
Bathroom scales. 
Mop and bucket. 
Out of date cake. 
Bunch of grapes. 
A laminated OS map of the lake district. 
Lilly flowers. I am allergic to them. 
A hammer. 
Book about being a mum. 
A book called 'Help! I'm Turning Into My Mother!' which was a joke from my husband (it wasn't complimentary). 
A cheeseburger. 
A packet of crackers. 
A necklace made out of pasta.