Stocking fillers for kids

Find exciting stocking fillers for kids from just £1 here at Rex London. Discover unique stocking filler ideas for children of different ages and interests. Choose from a wide variety of traditional toys, puzzles, stationery and accessories. Browse our Christmas gifts under £5 collection to find even more stocking fillers for boys, girls, toddlers and teenagers.


Most popular stocking fillers of 2023

Struggling to choose from the hundreds of stocking fillers on offer? Take inspiration from the most popular stocking fillers so far in 2023:

  1. 1. Classic jokes - fake spiders, trick poo and fart buttons will make kids roar with laughter.
  2. 2. Classic toys - the fuzzy face magnet game, wooden spinning tops and traditional skydiver toys provide timeless distraction.
  3. 3. Sew your own kits - sew your own sausage dog is the show winner, but lions, fairies, cats and koalas are also popular.

Stocking filler ideas for children

Hanging a Christmas stocking is a special tradition at the heart of many families’ festive celebrations. In the past, children received small gifts like a coin, an orange, nuts and perhaps a toy or doll. These days they’re likely to get chocolate, gadgets and clothes as stocking fillers, but good old fashioned toys, games and activities are still just as high on the list. Looking for inspiration? At Rex London you’ll find plenty of affordable stocking filler ideas for kids including toddlers, teens and everyone in between!


What to put in a Christmas stocking for kids

In addition to traditional treats, try to include a few gifts tailored specifically to each child. Whether your little ones are into sharks, dinosaurs, unicorns or sausage dogs, our cute animal collections are packed with colourful stocking fillers to surprise and delight. Kids also enjoy temporary tattoos, stickers, stationery and more. Stocking fillers for teens can be tricky, so we've carefully curated a collection of on-trend treats including games, puzzles and practical accessories.


Best stocking fillers for boys and girls

Every child is unique so the best stocking fillers are little gifts that match their interests. Deep water day dreamers will delight in our Sharks collection of stickers, stationery, toys and puzzles. Mesmerise magical minds with fairy wings, wands, musical instruments and fashion accessories from our fantasy world of Fairies in the Garden. Passionate about the prehistoric era? Recreate a Prehistoric Land with dinosaur toys, stamps, craft kits, lunch bags and boxes. From Space Age astronauts to Colourful Creatures, keep kids entertained for hours with these unique stocking fillers for boys and girls.


Top toddler stocking fillers

Toddlers are often too old for baby gifts and too young for big kids stocking fillers. Thankfully there's still plenty of fun stocking fillers for toddlers! Classic toys and games continue to entertain little ones, from memory games and snap cards to chalk eggs and hopscotch sets. These top stocking fillers are simple to play and battery-free. When energy wanes, a soft toy in a tin will provide comfort during downtime.


Do you wrap Christmas stocking fillers?

Absolutely! Half the joy of stocking fillers is unwrapping the tiny treats. Use tactile and easy to tear tissue paper to help little fingers find their prize. For a decorative twist be sure to apply plenty of colourful washi tape to your wrapped stocking fillers.


What to put in a Christmas Eve Box?

Increasingly popular, Christmas Eve boxes are a great way to release some excited tension before the big day and keep younger kids busy while they wait. Often filled with things like pyjamas, books and sweets, you could pop in a family-friendly game like playing cards, or make time for a mindful moment with a craft kit.