Stocking fillers for kids

Select exciting stocking fillers for kids and keep young minds entertained for hours. Caution: these traditional toys and games will prove irresistible to adults as well! Find plenty of stocking filler ideas for teens, toddlers, boys, and girls in our Christmas gifts selection.

Stocking filler ideas

What should you put in Christmas stockings? Traditionally fruit, nuts, sweets and toys were the ingredients to a successful stocking, and thankfully these are still gratefully received by most. However, in order to exceed expectations we have a range of exciting, fun and affordable stocking fillers to delight people of all ages.


What to put in a Christmas stocking

In addition to traditional treats include a few gifts tailored to each recipient. For children we have a wide choice of classic toys, temporary tattoos, stickers, stationery and more. Stocking fillers for teens can be tricky, so we've carefully curated a collection of on-trend treats including games, puzzles and practical accessories. Adults may pretend to care little about stocking fillers but we know better. Browse our selection of stocking fillers for him and her to find plenty of delightful novelties.


Do you wrap stocking fillers?

Yes! Half the joy of stocking fillers is unwrapping the tiny treats. For a decorative challenge be sure to apply plenty of colourful washi tape to your wrapped stocking fillers.