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Kids' hair hacks you need to know


Guest blog by Georgia Coote

Child wearing pom pom hair bands

Prior to having children I felt that doing their hair would be this wonderful bonding experience - I’d sit and French plait their hair, trying out all manner of styles and techniques. How wrong I was! I quickly realised that if I couldn’t do a style in a few hurried minutes then there was no way my girls would be having it! Here are a few tried and tested methods that have worked for us over the years of rushed nursery runs, dance exams and growing out fringes.

Colour identification

I’ve always found that dressing my kids in bright colours helps so much when we’re out and about to help spot them quickly. Even in the busiest of playgrounds these bright pom pom hair ties are easily identifiable so you can spot your little one zooming down that slide! You could even assign colours to your children if you have multiples, for easy colour matching and fewer squabbles in the mornings!

Pom pom hair bands
Pom pom hair bands, £4.95

Easy Disney-inspired hairstyles

Let’s face it, any spare time in the mornings is rarely going to be spent doing hair, so the quicker the styles the better! When my girls were younger, I found that we always used to associate hairstyles with different characters, so a frequent question was “Do you want Elsa or Anna plaits today?”. Here are two easy styles I tend to do which take the same time as a simple plait but are just that little bit different. So, in keeping with the Disney theme we have…

The Belle 

Belle-inspired pony tail

Wild Wonders leopard hairbands, £1.95

Essentially a fancy ponytail, this can be done in a flash and always looks put together. To start, put the hair in a loose ponytail. It could be straight down the back, or slightly to the side like above.

Then split the hair into two sections just above the hair band.

Belle-inspired pony tail

Now flip the ponytail up into the gap you’ve created and pull through.

Belle-inspired pony tail 

Adjust the hair as needed and you’re good to go!

The Jasmine 

Jasmine-inspired pony tail
This is our go-to for keeping long hair neat but still fun at school. The little leopard hair bands look so cute at the top and bottom of the hairstyle! 

Start with a simple ponytail and then keep adding bands to it at regular intervals at whatever distance looks best with the hair. Once all the bands are on, gently pull out the hair within each interval to make a balloon-like shape à la Princess Jasmine!

Jasmine-inspired pony tail

Handy hair clips

No matter the hair length or style, I would say you can never have enough hair clips! These cute little elephant hair clips are the sweetest for keeping locks out of eyes and food (!) and sweeping aside a fringe. They’re also such a fun way to pep up a party outfit!

Elephant hair clips
Wild Wonders elephant hair clips, £1.95

Make your own hair clips

If you fancy a fun DIY project, these hair clips made using washi tape are a quick and easy project to add some fun to your hair accessories. They make great homemade gifts too.

DIY hair clips with washi tape

You will need:

  • Hair clips - I used these metal spring clip ones as I feel they hold the hair well
  • Board - any would work well; foam board, mount board or anything that has a little flexibility to it so you can curve it to the hair clip
  • Washi tape
  • Mod Podge
  • A glue gun
  • Scissors

DIY hair clips with washi tape

Firstly, cut your board or card to the length of the hair clips you have bought and the width of the washi tape. Cut and stick the washi tape to the board.

DIY hair clips with washi tape

Apply some hot glue to the hair clip and then carefully curve and stick the card to it.

DIY hair clips with washi tape

DIY hair clips with washi tape

Cover the top of the hair clip in a layer of Mod Podge, leave to dry, and then repeat to ensure you have a durable surface. 

DIY hair clips with washi tape

Wear and watch those compliments roll in!

DIY hair clips with washi tape

We hope you found Georgia’s hair hacks useful! If you create any hairstyles for your children, we’d love to see so be sure to tag any images you post with #RexLondon. Do take a look at our children’s accessories collection for plenty of treats and inspiration for mini fashionistas.