Children's backpacks

Buy kids' backpacks in original designs here at Rex London. Choose a mini backpack for toddlers or a full-sized rucksack for school children. To fully equip your kids for educational adventures, browse our selection of children’s lunch boxes, water bottles and novelty stationery.

Best bags for nursery and school

Mini backpacks are ideal for nursery and early years foundation schooling. Big enough to fit the daily essentials and small enough to be comfortable.


Children's rucksacks are best suited for key stages one and two. With room for a few books, water bottle and a couple of snack boxes they'll help keep your kid equipped for the day.


Drawstring bags will keep dirty P.E. kits and sports shoes away from books and food.


How big are the mini backpacks?

Rex London mini backpacks are 21cm × 10cm × 25cm, the perfect size backpack for toddlers and small children. Big enough for a water bottle, some snacks and small toys, they're ideal for nursery, days out, and holidays.


How big are the full-sized children's backpacks?

Our children's backpack is 30cm × 13cm × 37cm, with ample room for school supplies, books and little toys. With a wide choice of bold and unique designs, these bags stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons.