Great uses for vintage tins


Whether you're storing delicious cakes or just random odds and ends, a vintage tin is a practical and stylish solution. Here are some useful ideas and some fab vintage tins.

Keep it fresh

Pictured: Set of 3 Cake Tins Rambling Rose - £12.95

The first port of call for any newly baked cake is a good tin to keep it fresh. Plastic containers can be dull and boring when presenting to guests. So a vintage tin will give your afternoon tea a prestigious feel to it.

Stich up

Pictured: Vintage Crafts Deluxe Sewing Kit - £14.95

If sewing is your favourite past time then a tin is a must have to store all those sharp needles. It doesn't need to be too fancy but it's always nice to have one with some vibrant colour.

Stale end 

Pictured: Biscuit Tin Vintage Christmas - £6.95

Christmas comes with the influx of sugary treats. So keep all your biscuits in one place with a decorative Christmas tin. A real festive throwback from the past.

Treasure it

Pictured: Treasure Tin Buffalo Bill - £4.95

Kids love to pick up little things they find around the house. Especially if they have a shine to them. For safe keeping use an old school tin as a makeshift treasure chest.


Pictured: Small Red Enamel Canister- £8.95

These vintage looking tins are the perfect solution for storing your perishables. Compact enough to fit into any cupboard shelf and stylish enough to keep out on the kitchen counter.

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