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Plastics and metals are a sensible choice for kitchen storage, but neither have the elegance or beauty of glass. Here are a selection of good excuses to introduce fab vintage glass into your kitchen.
La Petite Rose LED lights
Small touches can make a big impression to the tables at your wedding, so here are just a few creative wedding table decoration ideas to inspire.
Green regency teacup and saucer
Everyone loves an afternoon tea, it's been part of the British aristocracy for years, giving a sense of elegance to those of us who enjoy a simple cup of tea and piece of cake, here's our top tips for producing the perfect afternoon tea.
Moving into a new home is an exciting time for anyone, it gives you a blank canvas in creating the perfect setting for you and your family. Adding to it is always a difficult decsion and sometimes the best ones are made when you fall in love with a particular piece, below are... Read more
With a bank holiday fast approaching, you might be wondering how to keep the kids entertained for the extra-long weekend. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our favourite bank holiday boredom busters to keep your little tykes busy and having plenty of fun.
There's nothing quite like a little old-fashioned charm and nobody knows it better than these bloggers. Whether you'd like to channel the style of the sixties or simply add a touch of retro class to your life, these blogs are sure to inspire you!
Whether you need ideas for a party or just a quiet evening in with the family, everybody loves a good game, but there are plenty of classic ones that run the risk of being forgotten. So turn off the TV and try your hand at one of these vintage games. It’s fun, the old-fashioned... Read more
We all love a cosy living room and it’s amazing how a few simple home decorations can really enhance any space. So, if you want to create your own relaxing haven of vintage design, follow our basic tips and you’ll be relaxing in a transformed living room in no time!
Here at dotcomgiftshop we adore vintage chic and, happily, it couldn’t be easier to transform your home into a retro paradise. Just take a look at these small alternatives to modern decor that can make a big difference to your style.
Traditional weddings and vintage chic go hand in hand, and we just love a classic wedding. So today we’re bringing you our favourite vintage wedding decorations, as well as the meanings behind some of those curious matrimonial customs.

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