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Blauer Wecker im Retro-Stil, die Zeiger leuchten im Dunkeln. 
  • Benötigt 1 x AA Batterie (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten).
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Blauer Wecker im Retro-Stil, die Zeiger leuchten im Dunkeln. 
  • Benötigt 1 x AA Batterie (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten).
Material: Metall, Pappe, Plastik
Abmessungen: 11 cm × 5,5 cm × 9 cm
Produkt Code: 27571
GTIN: 5027455418292
Deutschland 6.95€
Österreich 9.95€

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Good communication, delivered on time, clock great!


This is a lovely looking alarm clock - unfortunately it didn't work for me as the tick was too loud, but Rex allowed me to return it which was great. Super customer service.


I love this clock. I bought it for the glow-in-dark hands and the retro style reminds me of my childhood. Yes, it ticks, like most clocks of this type (not digital), but it's replacing my previous clock, which also ticked, but I got used to it after a few nights. I love the look of it and I love being able to read the time without having to switch on the light.


Dotcomgift shop has provided THE WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE I have had in a long time. The clock was very cute, but in the description, even though this is an alarm clock, so you're supposed to sleep with it, they fail to mention that the mechanism is not silent. Moreover, the first review you can see (or could see until I wrote mine, I hope) was one that mentions with enthusiasm how the ticking is silent. As many people do, I take time to read reviews to make sure I am buying what I am looking for, especially when the description is lacking. So, as the first review - that anyone can see even if they don't normally read reviews - mention the ticking is silent... you can imagine what a crazy assumption I made... that the ticking was silent! I was very surprised, when I received the clock, that THE TICKING WAS LOUD AND NOT AT ALL APPROPRIATE TO SLEEP AT NIGHT WITH. Now, used to the good customers services of pretty much any other website existing, I contacted dotcomgiftshop, to highlight my disappointment at having been sold something under misleading impression created by their website, and therefore I expected AT LEAST to be refunded shipping costs I already sustained and the ones to return the item. It would be fair enough to pay shipping costs when you just change your mind, or when you realise you don't like the item as much when you see it in person. But you definitely should't when the website features a review which is not an opinion, but an information about a very important feature of the clock. Dotcomgiftshop was extremely unhelpful under these circumstances so not only I highly recommend not to purchase this clock if you are planning to use it as an alarm, but also to stay away from anything else they sell as - if you incur in a problem, even if it's completely not your fault, they will not help. So, let's see, I purchase something I wouldn't be bought if only the website was more careful with the information they publish, I threw away £7.90 for shipping costs, the time it took me to go to the post office and the time to write this review, all because of terrible service, and not because I just made the wrong purchase. And by the way, I still don't have an alarm clock. What a terrible experience!


I bought this clock as I had purchased one in a shop while I was on holiday and really liked the style and the fact that it has a silent tick!! I had looked all over for another one and could not find one until I came across dotcomgiftshop, in a Search engine I was delighted, as I wanted one for my Granddaughter and great granddaughter as they need alarms for work and school. They are as pleased with their clocks as I am with mine, its a great timekeeper.

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