Wish List

Wish List

Create a wishlist on Rex London and share it with family and friends via email. 

How to create a wishlist  

Before you start working on your wish list, create or log in to your Rex London account

If you have not already registered, sign up now.  

How to add items to your wishlist

When you see something you like, add it to your list by clicking on the ‘add to my wish list’ button. When you are satisfied that you have selected all the items you wish, all that’s left to do is send your wish list to friends and family. 

How to view and edit your wishlist  

Log in to Rex London and visit your account page. Select the option  'My Wish List'.  

How to share your wishlist with family and friends 

Send a link to your wishlist to family and friends by clicking on any of the Share my wishlist options. You can choose from email or social media. 

NOTE: Items bought from your wish list by friends and family will NOT be automatically removed from the list. You will have to manually amend the wish list after an item has been purchased. 

If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact the Rex London Customer Services team: