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It's not always easy to find that perfect gift for a young boy. Luckily Dotcomgiftshop have a wide range of themed gift ideas to choose from. Here below are just a few pirate themed gifts.
It's that time of year again: back to school! So dust off your rucksack and sharpen your pencils, because we have loads of goodies to help make this year a real success.
The summer holidays are in full swing but soon most children will be returning to school for another year, so here at Dotcomgiftshop we give some advice on getting them back into the school spirit.
We love a packed lunch at Dotcomgiftshop, not least because of all the fab, stylish boxes, bags and containers that go with it. But there's also practical reasons for taking your own sandwiches, not least a recent report that stated taking a packed lunch to work could save... Read more
If you’re going to drop a new student off at university this September, here are a few prezzies that’ll tickle their fancy as they make the big transition. Whether you want a practical gift or something a bit more frivolous, here you’ll find a round-up of the top ten student... Read more
Providing kids with a nutritious, tasty lunch is something most parents aim for, but how do you balance taste with variety, and still fit it all into a lunch box?
The kids might already be filing back through the school gates but there's still time for your little one to sharpen their pencils and fill their rucksacks with all new, shiny school stuff! Here are some of our favourite things that will make sure they start the new term in... Read more

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